Military Men Have Insane Big Cock Orgy

Duration: 46m, 47s, Starring Griffin, Johnny Davidson, Johnny Dean, Patrick Harris, Ren Adams

(370 Votes)

If this was what it was really like in the army, there would be a rush of applications! There's nothing sexier than a man in uniform, especially a high-ranking officer in the military. This commander is sitting behind his desk jerking himself off when he calls in one of his subordinates to suck his dick. Soon the commander has several men having a small orgy in front of him, and he doesn't hesitate to get involved, enjoying humiliating his subordinate soldiers. By the end of the clip it's an all out fucking and sucking massacre, as one guy gets ass fucked while another man rams his cock down his throat. There is plenty of dick to go around!

Drill Sergeant Sodomizes Younger Soldier

Duration: 38m, 52s, Starring Griffin, Johnny Dean, Patrick Harris

(513 Votes)

This dominant army drill sergeant has decided to turn out a submissive redhead guy in his class. After the other lads have hit the showers, he calls the unsuspecting fellow in to the locker room. The drill sergeant leans casually against the wall as he pulls down his pants and holds his cock out to the younger man to suck. The other fella is an eager cocksucker, getting on his knees and swallowing the shaft. In a frenzy he sucks it, taking the whole thing down the back of his throat and rubbing his tongue against the balls. Then he bends over on all fours, offering up his tender ass hole to the superior male to do what he pleases with.

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