Hot Military Gay Guys in Hardcore

Duration: 20m, 35s, Starring Duncan Skidmore, Tony Akin

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Tony Akin is the type of stud that you would really love to get to know - he has a nice, hard body, well muscled yet not overly so. He also has the hots for Duncan Skidmore, who is just as delicious as Tony. They start off with a quick strip - it's obvious that these two just want to get into each other's pants. I especially love to see how hard they get, their tools nearly bulging out of those briefs even before they start in on the pecker sucking. Once they get to that part, it's only a matter of time before the booty banging starts.

Shaven Headed Young Trooper Gets Anal

Duration: 25m, 2s, Starring Chad McIntyre, Jason Williams

(94 Votes)

A horny, shaven headed homosexual soldier gets hazed and then seduced by a more experienced trooper in this hardcore gay cocksucking and anal sex scene. The submissive guy with a shaved head eagerly sucks his superior's cock, obviously relishing the feeling of having that hard prick in his mouth. Then he gets laid flat on his back on a supply pallet, with the older man lifting his ass cheeks up and holding her thighs apart as he slides his hard prick into the younger guy's ass hole. The shaven headed guy squeals as his tight butt gets ripped apart by his superior's big cock, finally receiving a huge ass load of cum for his efforts.

Army Gays Have Hot Storeroom Fucking

Duration: 19m, 40s, Starring Michael Madison, Rhett Williams

(241 Votes)

It's tough being gay in the army! These two horny studs have to hide their homosexual lust from the rest of the troops, lest they be ostracised for their homosexuality. One night, they find themselves alone in the storeroom, and they quickly close the door. Wordlessly they pull off each other's clothes and begin to suck each others' cocks. One guy, the thinner and more twink-like young man, bends over, fingering his own ass hole with one finger to loosen it and begging his shaven headed companion to fuck his butt. The shaven headed stud gladly does so, dominantly putting his hand on the younger man's shoulder and reaming his tight butt.

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