Young Soldiers Love Cock In Their Butts

Duration: 18m, 37s, Starring Johnny Printers, Marcel Beleau, Tyson Farrand

(297 Votes)

Perverted Marcel has got a thing for hot soldiers in uniform, so he does everything in his power to get sexy young studs Tysons and Johnny into the privacy of his home. The two soldiers stand side by side as Marcel gets on his knees and sucks both their dicks, using a combination of hand and mouth action to bring them to the point of cumming. Then he takes them to his bedroom, where he continues his oral assault, tonguing their assholes as well - and following this with his cock! The soldiers are surprised when he rams his prick into their asses, but you can tell by the way they grind their butts on the meat they secretly love it!

Guards Tight Butt Hole Torn Wide Open

Duration: 21m, 44s, Starring Collin Fraiser, Jayme Elliote

(497 Votes)

You've got to love a man in uniform! Railway station guard Jayme sees Secret Service agent Collin walking at the station, and immediately strikes up a conversation with the superior male. Collin looks Jayme up and down, decides that he is going to be a hot piece of ass and invites him back to his quarters. There, the two men strip, with the starstruck guard immediately going down on the Secret Service agent. Then Jayme lies on his side, holding one leg up in the air so that the agent has full, unimpeded access to his ass hole. The anal is lengthy, with the agent taking out all his frustrations on the poor guard's tight anus!

Army Dude Ass Banged By Two Big Cocks

Duration: 26m, 15s, Starring Derrick Girard, Lyle Ticat, Patrick Doyle

(427 Votes)

An Army man, a Navy man and an pilot walk in to a cafe ... It sounds like the beginning of a joke, but instead this kicks off one of the hottest gay anal sex sessions you'll ever see! In the perennial battle of the butts, it's the army man who ends up on the bottom in this encounter, sucking off both of the other men, who stand dominantly in front of him and grip him by the back of the head as they fuck his mouth. The Air Force and Navy guys keep a cock in the infantry man's mouth for the duration of the scene as they take turns riding him in the ass. His sphincter is well and truly gaping once they are through with him!

Sexy Army Guys Use Up All Their Sperm

Duration: 21m, 36s, Starring Brad Weldon, Kenny Larsen

(304 Votes)

After their weekend leave is over, offices Brad and Kenny meet each other on the train. Recognising each other's uniforms, the two studs sit down next to each other, casting lustful glances at each others' pricks. They know that once they get back to the camp they won't be able to indulge in any more anal sex for a while, so they get off at the next stop and hire a cheap hotel room for the rest of the night. Then the hairy, brash Army guys take turns riding each other in the ass on the dirty mattress, splattering each other with jizz over and over again until their cocks are completely spent. And that means a hell of a lot of fucking!

Soldier Screws Navy Man Hard In The Ass

Duration: 14m, 56s, Starring Chris Dodger, Malcom Morrison

(478 Votes)

You know what they say about guys in the navy! When nautical stud Chris's ship comes in to port, he takes the opportunity to walk off his sea legs. As he is strolling along the dock, he meets guard Malcolm, and the two men walk arm and arm to Malcolm's room. There the two guys, still in their uniforms, take turns sucking each others' cocks in the bathroom; then Chris gets down on the floor, pulling down his white sailor pants and begging the land grubbing stud to do him in the ass. Malcolm gets right on top, completely mounting the sailor as he drives the full length of his enormous cock in to the Navy man's butt. Now that's some hard anal!

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