Two Military Men Get Busy On The Job

Duration: 38m, 8s, Starring Christian Slade, Eton Cox, Tyson Rexx

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Tyson Rexx and Eton Cox were on the road doing a mission for the Army. They had to travel to brief a general on some training mission. After the brief they went back to the hotel and Tyson made his move. He started undressing Eton and Eton responded by kissing Tyson. They were naked fast with Tyson on his knees sucking on Eton's massive tool. He deep throated him then bent over the hotel room's desk and let Eton take him from behind and fuck him hard. He dropped bombs on that ass like he was raiding a city then pulled out and fired his load of sticky nut napalm all over Tyson's chest.

Gay Military Guys Fucking in Bed

Duration: 38m, 30s, Starring Eton Cox, Taylor Donovan, Tony Akin

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Tony Akin and Taylor Donovan are military men through and through, and they also happen to love the cock. They have to set up secret meetings because if it ever came out they would be in a hell of a lot of trouble - but that just makes it that much hotter. They start off by taking off everything but their socks - I don't know why they left their socks on, but hey - if it works for them, who am I to say different? They have a hungry for much more than just dick sucking, so they have to contain their moans as they start fucking.

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