Young Chap Ass Fucked By Instructor

Duration: 30m, 11s, Starring Ivan Plop, Petr Pec

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A group of attractive young studs take part in a presentation at Army training school. After the seminar, the men file out; but then the instructor beckons one boy to stay behind. Much to the young chap's alarm, the instructor begins to finger him as soon as the door is closed, reaching into his pants and gripping the thick snake of his cock. However, this cadet knows that to get ahead in this world, sometimes you have to have a bit of suck and fuck fun! Soon he is blowing the older man, and then he bends over the chair, wanking himself while he gets fucked in the ass. He explodes as the instructor shoots a load up his butt.

Army Gay Delivers Hardcore Anal Pounding

Duration: 19m, 43s, Starring Jiri Lener, Rostislav Olchava

(402 Votes)

This army recruit is feeling horny, so he walks into the barracks where he sees one of his fellow comrades on the bed. He stands there admiring his friend's body for a moment, taking in the luscious bulge nestling underneath those white y-front underpants. Then he stirs his friend up by slowly prying his mouth open with his penis. The horny man, an eager cocksucker by day, gleefully engulfs the bright red penis head. Later in this scene, he bends over his own bed, wilfully sticking out his own butt to be roughly sodomised - the kind of hardcore fucking that only a military man can deliver. You've got to love a man in uniform!

Cadet Reports For Nude Inspection

Duration: 15m, 47s, Starring Aloes Kelusak, Michal Pokorny

(251 Votes)

The cadet reports to his superiors office not knowing what is in store for him. It's a surprise inspection, and his leader is very thorough. He must strip off to prove his uniform is in the correct shape. It's then things get interesting as his cock is inspected for length, girth, and cleanliness. It must be a little dirty, as his superior drops to his knees and takes the little soldier into his hot mouth, bathing it with his spit and tongue until it is spit shined and standing at attention. Onces he's learned the procedure he must practice it as well. They end up mounting balls to the butt with some hardcore ass reaming.

Cute Military Man in Wild Gay Threesome

Duration: 27m, 25s, Starring Ivan Plop, Kynek Pala, Martin Sekera

(328 Votes)

Ivan Plop is on base and looking for a friend of his - Kynek Pala. He comes out in full military uniform, and certainly looks striking as he grabs a cig off of his friend. They spend some time talking, but ultimately they end up back at his room with Martin Sekera. A few drinks later, and the dicks start to come out. They just love to wave those hard cocks around, and once you've let loose one wild cock you know the rest are going to show off their skills in the bedroom. They end up having a wild gay threesome you'll never forget.

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