Straight Guy Takes Two Big Latino Dicks

Duration: 26m, 48s, Starring Maicol, Miguel, Thomas

(598 Votes)

In this extremely hot gay threesome, a straight guy gets banged by his two Latino employees. He never thought that he would have a cock in his mouth, let alone two big brown ones! The guys all get naked outdoors, rubbing their stiff dicks together. You can see the white guy is a little bit nervous about kissing another man on the lips, but as soon as he tries it he is hooked! All the guys take turns fucking each other up the butt and one of the Latino men turns out to be the dominant guy of the threesome. The other Latino and the straight guy kneel at the end of the clip with their faces pressed together, awaiting the sticky cum shower.

Straight Guy Sucks Good Cock On The Job

Duration: 26m, 39s, Starring Manuel, Michael Feelps

(707 Votes)

Two sexy South American painters are working on a job together. It's extremely hot and humid, so they both end up taking off their shirts while they work. One of the men is flamboyantly gay, and he can't help but notice that his ostensibly straight friend keeps peering over, trying to catch a glimpse of his gay friend's body when he thinks he's not looking. The gay painter is a skilled seducer, having many "straight" notches on his belt. Soon the straight guy is sucking his prick, the painting abandoned, and then he even takes it in his butt for the first time, moaning while he gets sodomised. He takes a face load of cum.

Teen Latin Twinks Get It On By the Pool

Duration: 24m, 36s, Starring Maurcio, Nando

(555 Votes)

Sexy teenage Latin man sits by the pool watching his pool boy clean it. He doesn't want to burn in the sun so he asks the pool boy to apply sunscreen to his already golden body. As he runs his hands all over his body he finds a hidden treasure beneath his shorts as it gets harder and harder. The twink can't wait to get his lips on the other guys cock and deep throat his entire shaft. Returning the favor, the pool boy licks and sucks on the long boner getting it nice and wet. They use the slide for leverage to sit on and bend as the pool boy rams the other guys ass.

Cute Latino Gays Getting Nasty

Duration: 25m, 18s, Starring Fabrice, Mauro

(416 Votes)

Mauro and Fabrice meet up in a nice, romantic garden. Although things don't really start off sexual, it ends up happening in a rather big way. The sparks start to fly, and soon enough these two aren't able to contain their sexual energy. They fucking love to rub up and down each other's bodies, playing with their dicks, bodies, and asses. They suck those sweet dicks, and then go for a bit of anal fingering. Of course fingers are soon replaced by a cock, and their moans fill up that garden. Hooray for gay Latinos.

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