Intense Gay Latino Anal In The Kitchen

Duration: 14m, 50s, Starring Fabio Cesar, Marcelo Costa

(176 Votes)

These two stylish metropolitan gays have had the eye for each other for a while, but their annoying roommates keep getting in the way. Finally they find themselves alone in the kitchen together with no one else around - the perfect opportunity to get started with some hot and sweaty anal sex! One of the good-looking Latin studs hitches himself up onto the counter, unzipping his pants and shamelessly pulling the man's face towards his sweaty crotch. After some hot mutual oral and handjob action they retire to another room so they can do whatever they want to each others' little anuses. They both squeal while they are fucking!

Muscular Gays Lick Each Others' Asses

Duration: 20m, Starring Mario Brunel, Rogerio Mascarenhas

(298 Votes)

If burly, muscular guys are your thing that you'll love this hardcore Latino fuck movie! Two guys hook up over the Internet, immediately meeting each other for a dirty and sweaty afternoon fuck. Both men are hung, with some great muscles on them - they're definitely not skinny! Lovers of hot rim job action will definitely get off on this movie as the guys take turns tonguing out each others' tender assholes before they get down to the deep anal sex. Most of it happens from behind, either lying on the sofa or with one man bending over and gripping the wall for support. Two huge cumshots and some erotic kissing finish this great gay video.

Horny Brazilian Men Enjoy Tryst

Duration: 19m, 21s, Starring Ramon Lemas, Renato Alves

(382 Votes)

Renato Alves and Ramon Lemas are two of the finest gay men that Brazil has to offer. Their dark brown skin is gorgeous, their bodies are toned and great, and their love making is as passionate as you could possibly hope for. They start out pretty slow, but it doesn't take long for the dick sucking to begin. In addition to the sucking, you get to see some heartfelt ass licking and tonguing that is going to make your own dick hard in appreciation. This is one of the best reasons to go down to Brazil ever.

Delivery Boy Anal Screwed By Pizza Chef

Duration: 17m, 18s, Starring Alexandre Pernambuco, Leo Nicke

(436 Votes)

If you had a cute young twink working in your kitchen, you know that you'd want to terrorize his ass hole as well! The burly pizza chef at this pizzeria has had his eye on the delivery boy since he first started working at the shop. Finally one day he makes his move, reaching out and grabbing the the young buck as he bends over to pick up his next load for delivery. The two men strip and then the young twink gets to his knees, lovingly working the more muscular man's penis with his hot mouth. Then the delivery boy lifts himself up onto the kitchen counter, heedless of hygiene, as he spreads his own ass cheeks and begs for rough anal sex.

Hardcore Gay Anal In Artist's Studio

Duration: 12m, 54s, Starring Luciano Andrade, Vitor Jr

(205 Votes)

In this hot Latino gay fuck movie, an artist gets an extremely good-looking and muscular stud to pose for him for some photos and a painting. However, the sight of all that hot young flesh is too much for this dirty artist, and he can't help but reach out and start to stroke the young man's muscles and sexy man meat! This kicks off an intense evening of cocksucking and anal fucking that you will love. Both men blow each other and take turns riding each others' hard dicks in some extremely inventive positions. There are also some great close-ups of the cocks sliding in and out of assholes, followed by two spectacular cumshots.

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