Two Sexy Studs Fuck One Another

Duration: 29m, 46s, Starring Marco Axel, Rocky Ogaranhao

(412 Votes)

This guy probably thought that he was only going to have himself to please when he was jerking off on the couch, but when his buddy strolled in with nothing but tighty whities on, he was finally getting what he truly craved; a hot stud with a fat cock and a tight butt that he could fuck. That was running through his mind as his cock got stiffer inside his friend's mouth, which made it perfect to fill up his colon when he sat on it. He gave it to him even harder when he bent him over the couch, taking hold of his waist and slamming the shit out of him, as well as doing it on top of him, before getting fucked in the ass himself.

Pool Game Gets Raunchy Between Two Guys

Duration: 26m, 26s, Starring Alef, Rocky Ogaranhao

(265 Votes)

Instead of playing with pool balls, these two gay studs had some other ball playing in mind. He took a few shots to show off, but he was more interested in his rim jobbing skills, so he grabbed his stick and pulled it away to grab his other stick, of course. After he feasted on his ass, he got down on his knees to thank him by drooling all over his fat dick, hiking him up on the edge of the table and licking all over his stiff shaft. When his cock was all the way hard, he got up on the table himself and spread his ass cheeks for him, getting plowed in the ass all over the pool hall and testing the sturdiness of the table until they came.

Two Sexy Bois Fuck After School

Duration: 27m, 44s, Starring

(211 Votes)

These two hot twinks were laying around with nothing to do, so of course it only took seconds before they were whipping out their boners and sucking and fucking each other! They moaned and sighed as they wrestled around passionately on the bed, as one of them opened his mouth wide for his buddy's stiff prick. in fact, he wanted to lick every inch of his body, including his feet and toes, before getting on top of him and letting him slide every last inch inside his tight ass. He can sure make the bed rock as he bounced up and down on that stiffy, getting his asshole slammed in every position before they both cum all over his smooth chest.

Hot Hunk Fucking Slender Twink

Duration: 24m, 16s, Starring Rocky Ogaranhao

(194 Votes)

If you like a gay porno that has it all for you, you should take a look at this one. Rocky Ogaranhao is this bulky gay pornstar that is so goddamn hot - he has muscles all over and they will just make you swoon. His friend is as twink as you can get, and he compares muscles with his friend for awhile before it turns sexual. This twink on stud fucking is one of the hottest that I think I have ever seen, with the twink ending up completely submissive to this wonderful hunk of a man - now that's one of the hottest scenarios that I think I have ever watched.

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