Two Hot Gay Guys Bone In The Hot Tub

Duration: 25m, 6s, Starring Daniel McRaw, Nilson Deckley

(200 Votes)

Daniel McRaw and Nilson Deckley are ironically in the same room and are both totally horny. The blonde stud sits on the couch jerking himself at the sight of his brunette friend in the hot tub. He walks over and these two start working each others pricks with their warm mouths. The dude in the hot tub dives right on the blonde's cock and works it with his mouth until it's rock hard. Next, they switch places and the submissive blonde slobbers all over his man's shaft getting it stiff and ready for his asshole. They start to bone in the hot tub and pound each other till they jizz.

Hot Stud Sucks Off Gay Twink Then Takes It In The Ass

Duration: 25m, 1s, Starring Don Mascarpone, Rocky Summers

(179 Votes)

This scene proves just how much men love to wake up to a steamy blow job. A hot blonde dude is laying on the couch taking a nap when his man comes over and undoes his pants. When he starts to suck on his prick, he instantly wakes up with a huge grin on his face. Both Rocky Summers and Don Mascarpone get naked and take turns sucking on each others pink dicks. The blonde gets his chance to fill his friend's tight asshole with his big thick cock. Eventually these two hotties stroke their juicy pricks beside each other until they're completely empty.

Steamy Shower Turns Into A Gay Fuckfest

Duration: 25m, 19s, Starring Justin Locke, Porter Reese

(275 Votes)

Apparently when one gay man sees another hot stud in the shower, his mind melts and the only think he can think of is pleasing his own dick. So when one guy tries to wash his face, his eyes can't help but wander to the sight of the man and the big dick that's inside the shower. Finally he comes out and Porter Reese and Justin Locke get to work so they can fuck. One goes down on the other's cock and sucks it dry. Next he gets a bit of a dick sucking before he's bent over and gets his submissive ass pounded hard in a bunch of positions until he gets covered in sticky cum.

Hot Twinks Bone Beside A Tennis Court

Duration: 24m, 53s, Starring Arden Lauzon, Chuck West

(242 Votes)

Two hot gays decide to play some tennis together. So they come out dressed in tight shorts that barely cover their own butts and hit the ball back and forth a few times. One guy gets really frisky and decides to turn the heat up a bit. When the ball ends up on his side of the court, he playfully puts it in his tight shorts for his friend to come and get, which he gladly does. Once the two dudes meet in the middle of the court they start to stroke each other's cocks and suck each other off through the netting. Then Arden Lauzon and Chuck West get really dirty and start to bone right there beside the court.

Hot Men Sucking And Fucking Each Other

Duration: 25m, 13s, Starring Carson Shane, Chad Russel

(82 Votes)

After a day of shopping, one dude shows his boyfriend all of his new clothes. They start trying on the new clothes and eventually they each find an outfit that they like. Such innocence, quickly turns into a hot fucking session. Once they strip off each others clothes again, they start to sixty-nine with each other until they make each other stiff. Eventually things start to heat up when the two gay guys start to bone, and the submissive one gets his tight ass stretched wide open before the two finally end up in the shower jerking off until they cum.

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