Sixteenth Century Soldier Sucks Captain Cock

Duration: 7m, 4s, Starring Papolo, Pito Pingon

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It doesn't matter what era you look into, there has always been steamy gay sex happening between two or more guys. And the story of Don Carlos and Jose, who protected one of the forts in the sixteenth century, is one that hasn't been told until this movie you've seen here. You can see all of the stress that these guys are under, as Don Carlos and Jose first talk about the problems that they face. And then Jose has to pass a test for Don Carlos to know that he has his back no matter what. So he takes out his dick and has him suck it stiff, bobbing his head up and down on his Latino cock to prove that he's worthy for this position.

Six Latin Studs Have Gay Orgy In Alley

Duration: 18m, 13s, Starring J.T., Luis, Panther, Roberto, Tony

(167 Votes)

Now you know why it's not safe to walk around South American cities after dark! Six horny gay Latin men, attracted by the sensual strumming of the guitar, gather in a sordid alley for a hardcore group fuck. It is somewhat surprising to see six men completely naked in an alley, but these guys are all gorgeous, with well muscled bodies and beautiful tanned skin. There is an orgy of sucking and fucking, as the guys pair off and also have group oral sex. Some guys choose to just suck and jerk off the other men, while others beg to get fucked, wanting to be used as a hardcore gay fuck tool. You're going to love this fantastic group sex scene!

Gay Latin Studs Have Candlelit Jerk Off

Duration: 6m, 16s, Starring Papolo, Pito Pingon

(108 Votes)

Two horny Latin guys have a candlelit night of massage and oral pleasure. It's the first time in weeks both have been able to get some time alone, and they are determined to make every moment of this evening count. They begin by giving each other a slow and sensual massage, using oil and getting ready relaxed. Then one guy lies down, while his buddy pours some more of the massage oil onto his prick, stroking it until it is fully erect. These horny Latin studs jack each other off good, using every technique in their repertoire of masturbatory expertise to get each other off good. Don't miss this hot man on man masturbation scene!

Latino Army Guys Have Oral At Boot Camp

Duration: 10m, 28s, Starring Papolo, Pito Pingon

(111 Votes)

Two communist Latino freedom fighters are sitting on the picnic table in their secret camp in the woods. They have just finished a hard day of training and exercises, and are looking forward to some well earned rest this evening. Of course, there is not much that is sexier on the planet than a hung Latino man, unshaven and in a military uniform. You can't blame these guys for getting turned on, casting sultry glances to each other across the table. They have a quick look around to make sure that none of their comrades around to see their dirty homosexual lust, and then they pull down their pants, eagerly sucking on each other.

Gay Military Men Masturbating Outdoors

Duration: 24m, 24s, Starring Papolo, Pito Pingon

(40 Votes)

Papolo and Pito Pingon are incredibly hot gay military men - Latino military men at that. I don't know about you, but that accent makes me want to just get on my knees and suck all of their dick. They are actually just wandering around the forest, completely lost, and what happens when a guy gets bored? That's right, he's going to pull out his dick and start playing with it.

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