Brazil Studs Have Some Banging Anal Fun

Duration: 19m, 31s, Starring Jordan Lafond, Roberto Gaucho

(610 Votes)

This Brazilian stud has a visitor staying with him, so he decides to show him the sights and sounds of the beautiful Brazilian coastline. The guys go to the beach, rough housing with one another and then going for a swim. They frolic naked in the waves, admiring each others' toned bodies and thick cocks. Both of these guys are well hung and you will really appreciate watching their semierect penises swinging around as they run through the surf. Back on the beach they have some hot mutual oral sex and then banging anal, using a condom. It's just as well - these guys obviously get around! The sexy guys spurt all over each other.

Hardcore Brazilian Anal In The Jungle

Duration: 14m, 45s, Starring Gabriel Samyer, Pablo Picaco

(398 Votes)

After a hot day of swimming and body boarding at the beach, Brazilian studs Gabriel and Pablo go a little bit upstream to wash the salt off their bodies. They get naked at the river, letting the freshwater wash their tired bodies. However, the sight of those sweet cocks exposed to the sunshine inflames their passions of both men and soon they are rubbing their dicks together while they stand upright in the water. They retire to the riverbank for some hardcore anal amidst the jungle, hoping that no one walks along and catches them in the middle of their disgusting sex act. One guy spunks mightily on his buddy's face, drenching him.

Romantic Brazilian Guys Have Public Anal

Duration: 11m, 45s, Starring Marcio Rosa, Marcos Ricci

(366 Votes)

These Brazilian guys seem to have no inhibitions whatsoever! One guy is walking along the beach when he sees another man swimming naked on the sea. He can't keep his eyes off the man's rippling, muscular brown body, eventually joining him in the surf. Once the two guys are comfortable with each other they hide behind some rocks, with one guy getting on his knees and blowing the other gentleman. They have some really hardcore butt sex there on the rocks, and a few other guys pass by during the sex, admiring the hardcore anal unfolding in front of them. It's the start of something beautiful, and the guys walk off hand-in-hand.

Outdoor Latino Guys Fucking Like Crazy

Duration: 7m, 52s, Starring Roberto Gaucho

(229 Votes)

Take a peek voyeur style as you watch a stunning South American stud taking a shower in a waterfall. He is only wearing a pair of tight swimming trunks that outline his great ass and nice firm package. Part way through the shower another stud enters the scene, joining the guy in the forest pool for some hot kissing. The guys get naked and retire to a rock, sucking each others' cocks while they bask in the sunshine. Later you see one guy lying on his front, squealing as the other guy gets down on him, pounding him in the butt with his massive Latino penis. This is some really great outdoor anal - watch it like a dirty old man in the bushes!

Two Hot Latin Studs Fuck On The Beach

Duration: 19m, 5s, Starring Darien Leon, Marcos Ricci

(364 Votes)

Two gorgeous South American studs, Marcos and Darien, go for a romantic walk in the forest. They come to a spectacular private beach, running through the sand and feeling each others' bodies. They decide to get completely naked, not worrying about anyone walking along because of the privacy of the location - or perhaps they just don't give a damn if they get caught! By the end of the clip one of the guys is bouncing on his buddy's cock, both in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl positions, wanking his own beefy penis as his sphincter gets tickled to the maximum by his buddy's schlong. After the hot sex, the guys run naked into the surf.

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