Gay Black on Black Thug Fucking

Duration: 19m, 20s, Starring Billy Hughes, Clever

(156 Votes)

Billy Hughes and Clever are two gorgeous gay black thugs that meet up in the penthouse - and they do some very naughty things. You just have to mention gay sex and Clever ends up getting a big grin on his face, like he is just imagining all of the other dicks that have ended up in his ass. They are both nicely muscled - I love watching their bodies. Once their dicks come out, it is just way better - they have nice big cocks that they love to sword fight with. They also end up slamming into those tight asses together.

Geeky Black Guy Sucking Dick Hard

Duration: 25m, 7s, Starring Nigel, Sevyn Carrington

(276 Votes)

Sevyn Carrington is this light skinned black thug that is in the mood to push around his geeky ebony friend, but he doesn't figure out that this geek is actually as into gay sex as he is. They start off by kissing slowly in their briefs. You can see their big dicks outlined against the cotton, and Nigel is exploring every bit of his body with his hands and mouth. They start off with a yummy dick sucking, and then they go for the ass. Their tight black asses are getting pounded super hard until they both cum.

A Late Night Hookeup In Manhattan

Duration: 17m, 51s, Starring Antione, Tygar Would

(104 Votes)

Antione was home in his place and was horny as hell so he called up Tygar Would and invited him over. As soon as Tygar was in the room the guys started kissing and tearing each other's clothes off. They fell onto the futon and Tygar fished Antione's trouser trout out and started sucking on it. He blew him good then bent over and let Antione bury that meat bone deep in his ass. He grabbed his hips and pulled him back on his cock, fucking him hard and fast and nearly driving him off the bed. As he was ready to cum he pulled out and the guys came together.

Two Black Guys Break In The New Place

Duration: 22m, 10s, Starring J-Buck, Shortie

(182 Votes)

J-Buck and Shortie got a new apartment in New York and on the first night they decided to give the floor a nice hard test drive. J-Buck walked across the room and kissed shortie then pulled his shirt up and started licking his nipples. Shortie stood up and dropped his pants and J-Buck knelt on the floor and swallowed his cock. She sucked his dick and licked his balls and ass then Shortie laid J-Buck down, spread his open and slid his hard prick deep in his ass. He slammed him into the floor, fucking he deep and hard then the guys kissed and jerked off to cum together.

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