Black Gay Shower Sex Scene and Insertion

Duration: 20m, 42s, Starring Antione, J-Buck

(356 Votes)

J-Buck and Antione start off by having your standard gay black shower sex scene - but after they have their fill in the shower, they end up getting a lot more kinky with each other. If you haven't had the pleasure of watching some gay insertion fetish before, then you are going to love every bit of the action here. They end up whipping out a massive dildo and using it on each other's asses, loving the way that it slides in nice and smooth, giving them orgasms harder than they have ever had before.

Three Horny Black Guys Suck And Fuck

Duration: 20m, 12s, Starring Lil Bam Bam, Shortie, Tygar Would

(169 Votes)

Did you ever hear the term, "the freaks come out at night"? Well these three black gay freaks are cumming, but it's indoors, as all three of them are looking to get their peckers pleased. This guy has his lips wrapped firmly around a stiff black dick, while his ass is being massaged and licked from behind. It turns into an all-you-can-eat cock sucking and ass licking fest soon enough, as one guy gets the idea to sit on his buddy's face on the couch while he's being blown, feeling his moans reverberate through his balls. His ass finally gets opened up and fucked, and then all three sit on the couch and jerk off until they cum.

Ebony Gay Men Fuck All Night Long

Duration: 16m, 18s, Starring Billy Hughes, Sevyn Carrington

(138 Votes)

The great city of Blackhattan never rests as these two guys are quick to show. In the early morning hours they are sitting on the couch together, the dark skinned ebony man is sucking on the light skinned ones hard cock. the light skinned man repays him by giving his ass a lick and a suck and a quick taste of his cock. The darker one goes back to giving the other a blow job, deep throating his entire shaft. After lubing up his shaft the lighter gay man bends over the dark one mounting him like a dog and fucking his tight asshole.

Two Black Studs Have Some Hot Anal Sex

Duration: 18m, 14s, Starring Nightstick, Taij

(1085 Votes)

Taij and Nightstick have finally escaped the rugged streets and are safe indoors to do the thing they love most. These two horny dudes want to fuck, so they start by stroking each others thick black pricks. When they're both completely naked, they sixty-nine each other and swallow each others dicks with pleasure. They slobber all over each others rods for a while, until they're completely stiff and ready to be pounded into a tight asshole. One dude lays back to take a hard dicking up his ass and loves it so much that he strokes his dick until he cums.

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