Black Guy Strokes His Hard Pecker

Duration: 8m, 51s, Starring Ice Pick

(149 Votes)

The name Ice Pick isn't one of the most thug names out there, but this guy's got a way to make those other ruffneck wannabes shake in their boots. He pulls out his flesh sword and shows them all what he's working with, as he's packing a huge black cock that would bring anyone down to their knees! Talking shit to all these wack bitches out there gets him hard, so he starts beating himself off and makes his dick swell up large. He squirts some lube on it and makes his pecker shine, and has us watch as he moves his hands up and down his erect member. When he's ready to cum, he does it all over the camera and smears it in.

Hard Guy Spanks His Cock And Cums

Duration: 6m, 4s, Starring Ice Dog

(96 Votes)

This guy is always hard, whether he's on the streets, or whether he's alone. He talks about people not having any balls, and then gives them an example of some, as he takes off his pants and shows us that he's got some balls and a thick cock, too. He starts to stroke it up and down, making it swell up as he moans for the camera. He gets it rock hard for us and really goes to work on that pecker, jerking it up and down to get off. He bends over and shows off his firm ass, spreading his ass cheeks wide and stroking his dick while we get to see the underneath view. He shoots his hot load of cum all over the camera like he's shooting it on us!

Blindfolded Gay Sex In A Hotel

Duration: 21m, 33s, Starring Kurt Camein, Soloman

(287 Votes)

Soloman was blindfolded when they brought Kurt Camein into the room. Kurt pulled out his dick and put it in Soloman's mouth. He didn't know who's dick it was, but he did as he was told and sucked. As Kurt got hard he laid back on the bed and took Soloman's blindfold off. Then he bent him over on the bed and slammed his dick into him from behind. He fucking Soloman's ass like he was running an Olympic race, pound away, the guy's balls bouncing off each other. He worked up a sweat as he reamed that ass clean then pulled out and splashed a hot load all over his back.

Gamaad Jacks Off After Working Out

Duration: 7m, 22s, Starring Gamaad Powers

(121 Votes)

The very fit Gamaad Powers got home from the gym all worked up and wanting to fuck. Since he didn't have anyone to hook up with he took matters into his own hands. He stripped nude then sat down on the chair. He was ready to cum and didn't mess around. He grabbed his dick and started stroking it hard and fast, making himself moan and his balls swing as he pounded that pud with authority. He got hard in his hand and it didn't take long until he was biting his lip and moaning as he got ready to cum. When he shot his load it was like a tidal wave of man chowder coming ashore.

Eddie Strokes His Long Thick Prick

Duration: 10m, 48s, Starring Eddie Piece, Lucky Star

(376 Votes)

Eddie Piece has one long cock and he is always horny and rubbing it. He was sitting in his chair pulling on it while he pressed on his balls to stretch it out then he gripped it with one hand and started rubbing it to get himself hard. As he got harder and harder he started stroking faster and faster. Soon he had one had wrapped around his balls and the other hand working machine stroking his dick. He could feel himself getting close so he stood up, spread his legs and pulled down on his massive dick letting himself cum and unload his massive batch of man gravy all over the room.

Rome Shows Off His Cock Storking Skills

Duration: 7m, 33s, Starring Rome

(58 Votes)

Rome is a black guy with a nice thick prick and he isn't shy about pulling it out and showing it off. A guy he met online wanted to watch him jerk off so he set his camera up in the bedroom then took off his pants and underwear and sat down on the bed. He gripped his black snake and started to rub and tug on it until it was nice and hard then he tightened his grip and stroked faster and faster. It wasn't long before he was moaning and thrashing on the bed in pleasure. When he came he shot such a huge load he nearly knocked the camera off the table.

An Ebony Stud Blows His Hot Load

Duration: 6m, 20s, Starring Star Boy

(332 Votes)

Star Boy is a hung ebony stud that loves having other guys watch him as he jacks off and shoots his load. He set up a camera at his house and filmed himself as he pulled his big dick out of his pants and started rubbing it. He was horny as hell so it didn't take long until he was rock hard and throbbing. He stroked faster, using his free hand to reach under and play with his balls. As he built up speed he could feel himself getting close to cumming so he walked across the room and stood over the cam. As he came he exploded like a waterfall and dropped his heavy load right on the camera's lens.

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