Horny Black Thug Jerks His Cock

Duration: 6m, 41s, Starring Shy

(365 Votes)

Black man Shy lays on his bed in just his boxers, and he's very horny. He takes his cock out and slowly begins to stroke it before removing his underwear. His dick gets hard as he jerks himself off, and he grips his meat at the base with one hand while masturbating with the other. He plays with his balls as he spreads his legs wide, and he slowly increases the pace at which he jacks himself. He finally moans in pleasure as he blows his load all over his hand and rod, his cum making a big mess as he lays back in ecstasy.

Working Up A Sweat Jerking Off

Duration: 5m, 55s, Starring Mark Scott

(166 Votes)

Mark Scott is a black stud with a thick prick and a huge load. He spent most of his day running around and doing things so when he got home he just wanted to relax. He took of his jeans and laid back on the bed to watch some TV but he knew he needed to cum to fully unwind so he pulled out his dick and started to stroke. He knows his way around a cock and had himself hard in seconds. He worked his shaft, spitting on it to lube it up and stroking so hard he started to sweat. He was really getting a workout when he exploded and shot hot man gravy all over his legs and belly.

Jacking Off All Over Himself Is Fun

Duration: 6m, 11s, Starring Johnny Cruz

(235 Votes)

Johnny Cruz loves to get naked and show off his massive cock every chance he gets. He knew his roommate was watching him so he dropped his pants and laid down on the bed where he started rubbing his dick. He rubbed himself and stroked his meat sword building up speed. He could feel his balls start to tingle as he got closer and closer to cumming so he laid back, lifted up his shirt and shot his hot load all over his chest and belly knowing all the while his roommate was watching him and jerking off as he did so. The idea made Johnny hot so he invited the roommate to join him in the shower.

Sun Cums On His Home Video Camera

Duration: 7m, 18s, Starring Sun Gode

(104 Votes)

Sun Gode knew a guy online wanted to see him jerk off so he set up his home video camera, stripped his clothes off. He stood in front of the camera and stroked his tool then as he got hard he laid back on his bed and rubbed his body while he jacked off. He used one hand to rub on his balls then press them down, making his already big dick bigger as she stroked it and worked it like an artist. He got hard and started to moan, feeling himself getting close. As he came he leaned forward and shot his hot load all over the camera lens then he copied the video to his computer and sent to the guy online.

A Black Guy Works His Took At Home

Duration: 7m, 10s, Starring Eugene Phillips

(351 Votes)

Eugene Phillips was as horny as a mother fucker when he got home from work. He was just chillin' and watching some TV when he started rubbing his dick though his pants. He felt himself getting hard so he pulled his pants off and laid back in the chair as he fished his cock out. He started to rub and stroke it, teasing the head and making it spasm with pleasure. He worked that black snake until he could feel himself getting close to cumming so he stood up, gripped it hard and really gave it yank as he explode and shot his sticky hot load of man batter all over.

A Hung Ebony Stud Strokes His Tool

Duration: 5m, 59s, Starring Jon Strom

(64 Votes)

Jon Strom is a black guy with a massive, thick dick. He loves being watched when he jerks off so he turned on his home webcam, logged into a site then stripped naked and laid down on the bed. He started off slowly, rubbing his cock and making himself hard. With his free hand he reached down and massaged his balls while he built up speed and jacked off faster and faster. It wasn't long until his thick black cock was throbbing with pleasure and he was ready to cum. Exploded like a geyser shooting his hot load all over himself as he stroked and milked himself dry.

Angeleno Caught Stroking His Rod

Duration: 4m, 18s, Starring Angeleno

(94 Votes)

Hung stud Angeleno was laying on his bed naked and stroking his tool. He had been out all day doing stuff and was horny as hell when he got home so he decided to take care of business as soon as he had the door closed. He stroked his tool slow at first then built up speed and got down on it faster and faster. He was really working that meat stick with one hand and reached down with the other to massage his balls. It felt so good he couldn't hold out so he busted a nut all over himself. What he didn't know was his roommate had turned on the webcam before he left and it had caught it all.

He is Blindfolded And Fucked Hard

Duration: 22m, 9s, Starring Angeleno, Gino Gultier

(74 Votes)

Gino Gultier wanted a surprise. He met Angeleno online and told him to just come into the hotel room where Gino would be blindfolded. Angeleno walked in and saw him then went over and stuck his cock in his mouth. Gino didn't know who it was, he just sucked that dick until it was rock hard then laid on the bed face down and let Angeleno fuck him deep from behind. He took every inch of that dick as it slammed in and out of him then took the blindfold of just in time to get a sticky hot facial. Once Angeleno had came and left, Gino laid back on the bed and jerked off to the thought of what he had done.

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