Cheating Gay Man Fucks A total Stranger

Duration: 14m, 53s, Starring Damian Ford, Michael Vista

(524 Votes)

This cheating homosexual picks up another man and takes him back to his apartment - while his boyfriend is on bed in the next room! He guides the new man's head down towards his penis, thrusting it down his throat and roughly holding him behind the ears while he throat fucks him. Then he lays him down on the couch, roughly penetrating his anus, thrusting deep inside the newcomer. His boyfriend is stirred by the racket, peering through the bedroom door and witnessing the adultery in front of him. He is shocked, but also aroused by seeing his dominant boyfriend fucking a stranger right in his own living room! The scene ends with a huge facial.

Tender Gay Ass Split Open In Dirty Alley

Duration: 17m, 42s, Starring Jim Bentley, JT Sloan

(514 Votes)

It's Friday night and these horny homosexuals need to ejaculate. They are walking around streets and alleyways of their city, desperately trying to find an eager asshole to fill. These two muscular and good-looking studs eye each other up on the street corner. One beckons to the other to follow him down an alley. They find a filthy mattress inside the trash strewn alley, and collapse into an orgy of cocksucking. They 69 and also lick each other's assholes. Then one guy lies on his back, holding his thighs up so his ass cheeks fall apart to reveal that tight hole that every gay man loves. His friend needs no encouragement to tap that ass!

Young College Gays Try Some Cocksucking

Duration: 19m, 1s, Starring KC Hart, Leo Masters

(330 Votes)

It's the latest shock secret homosexual couple on campus - a football playing jock and the young geek. The jock is nervous, not yet comfortable about his homosexuality, but the geek has been sucking cocks since he was a young lad, and is eager to show his athletic friend the ropes . The guys are relaxing on the couch, and the geek then goes down on the jock, sucking him to a full and proud erection. The nerd lets himself get fucked in the ass, but then the tables are turned, as the jock realizes that he enjoys having his ass hole licked and fingered. This turns in to a full scale fucking, as the football player gets reamed in his butt.

Gay Doctor Fantasy Comes True

Duration: 22m, Starring Grant Wood, Sam Dixon

(393 Votes)

Grant Wood has had a doctor fantasy for a long time, so when he found a doctor he just had to have, he knew it was time to make his move. He meets up with Sam Dixon for an appointment, but they both know that that wasn't what it was going to be about. Grant ends up naked first, but after a bit of small talk they start kissing and rubbing all over each other, with a quick cock suck and then an on the desk embrace that gets them started all over again. It looks like this guy's fantasy really did come true.

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