Yuri Bryan And Davidson Star In Latin Splash

Duration: 44m, 16s, Starring Davidson, Yuri Bryan

(482 Votes)

Some people throw a house warming party and it's all munchies and chatting. Some drinks are had, and laughter is abound, but when Yuri Bryan and Davidson have a house warming party, things are a little different. They have as many of their male friends come over for a pool party, and the way they warm their home is by fucking as many of them as they can in as many rooms as they can muster. Getting everyone over for some fun in the pool made it easy to get them naked fast when they walked back into the house.

Bernardo And Davidson Have Jonathan Suck Them

Duration: 33m, 44s, Starring Bernardo, Davidson

(259 Votes)

Davidson and Bernardo met Jonathan at one of Davidson's parties a few months back but today they're going to get to know him a lot better. It's the house-warming party this time and they want to see what this black dude can do with that sweet ass of his, and if his cock is going to be worth their time. Getting him to ride one of them and then the other while he sucks the other off in an alternating pattern is a great way to see how good a lover he can be, and how selfish a person he is in general.

Sexy Gays Enjoys Fucking Each Other's Huge Ass

Duration: 31m, 12s, Starring Diesel, Mendes

(152 Votes)

Diesel and Mendes are out at a resort. They've been having relationship troubles, and they both know it. There's been issues that they needed to resolve, and their relationship councilor sent them here to get away from all the crap that was going on in their lives and just get a better idea of what the real problems were between them. It was quick work to find out that they just hadn't been fucking much lately, so as they toured the grounds and got a better look at the place one day they just started taking fuck breaks.

Three Guys Thiago Apollo And Yuri Bryan Fucking

Duration: 37m, 49s, Starring Apollo, Thiago, Yuri Bryan

(266 Votes)

In the hot Latin sun, three men won't be able to control their desperate urges. With no one watching and nothing else to do on such a nice sunny day they all look to each other for entertainment. Thiago, Yuri Bryan and Apollo star in this scene of Latin SplASSh and they're not looking to disappoint you or themselves. Getting totally nude out by the pool they start things off with a little rimming to be sure their asses are as wet as the pool. Then it's some blowjobs to get everyone good and hard.

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