Yuri Bryan Shows How To Ride A Big Gay Dick

Duration: 33m, 34s, Starring Davidson, Yuri Bryan

(934 Votes)

Yuri Bryan and Davidson have been arguing over the art in their bedroom for months now. They can't agree on anything that isn't abstract expressionism and they haven't seen a single piece that's been worth their time or their money. When they finally found something to put above their bed while out garage-saling in the extreme Brazilian heat they wanted to go home and mount it. After it was on the wall, all they could think to do to celebrate was mounting each other. They got naked in a hurry, and started sucking.

Alan Marcelo And Johnny Fernandez Fuck Like Coffee And Cream

Duration: 27m, 38s, Starring Alan Marcelo, Johnny Fernandez

(221 Votes)

Alan Marcelo and Johnny Fernandez are both totally down to fuck, and that's all they want to do in the crazy Brazilian sun. Instead of going out on such a hot day they're staying in the air conditioning and getting things heated up all on their own. Laying out on their bed and getting naked they start by making out before things gets too intense. They want to taste their saliva first before they've both buried their tongues in each other's assholes. That's just what they do next before they get to a little sixty-nine.

Mutual Gay Anal Action In This Steamy Brazilian Fuck Fest

Duration: 32m, 49s, Starring Erick

(464 Votes)

The hardcore gay anal action goes both ways in this steamy Brazilian fuck fest. Short haired, straight acting stud Erick teams up with blond haired ass fucker Ariel for some extreme butt sex fun. At first the guys take turns sucking each other, and then Ariel bends over and exposes his ass hole to the other man. Ariel is obviously expecting an ass fucking, but instead he gets a hot and sloppy rim job - and then straight acting Erick demands anal first! Ariel gets in behind him, ploughing him deep in doggy whilst the other man buries his face in the mattress. Then the guys swap, with Ariel having a turn at getting his tight ass banged.

Two Gay Hung Brazillian Studs Suck And Fuck

Duration: 35m, 1s, Starring Jackson, Renato

(343 Votes)

Renato and Jackson are just fucking like crazy tonight. It's all they wanted to do all day and now that they're free from their day-jobs, they're going to do whatever makes them happy. That might be dick sucking, that might be butt fucking. They haven't really decided, but in this Brazilian heat they both know they don't want to be doing it outside. Instead they're both in an nice cool apartment, getting the bed well and broken in for the evening. Getting their board shorts off, the lusty night begins!

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