Underwear Sniffing Nerd Sucks Black Cock

Duration: 21m, 47s, Starring Ray Don

(474 Votes)

A young and good-looking black college guy walks in to his dorm room, only to find his chubby room mate sniffing his dirty underwear! The chubby guy looks embarrassed, but the athletic guy just laughs, unzipping his pants and shoving his stinking cock into his friend's face. The chubby guy looks overwhelmed - he has been fantasising about his roommate's thick cock so long, and now he finally gets a chance to suck it! He does his best, slurping the dick almost completely the whole way down to the base. After he's blown his friend for a while, the turned on black men lie next to each other on the bed, talking dirty and stroking themselves.

Little Blundt Smokes Lance Kincaid's Chocolate Cock

Duration: 15m, 38s, Starring Lance Kincaid, Little Blundt, Ricky Parker

(240 Votes)

This lucky older ebony stud has managed to score himself an athletic young cocksucker to orally pleasure him whenever he wants. All he has to do is give him a call, and the shaven headed blowjob expert will come running to his door, eager to work that sweet black dick. Today is no exception, and the guy merely has to click his fingers for his fuck buddy to get down on his knees and start slurping. There are some excellent close-ups of those thick black lips wrapped around that fine ebony cock, as well as fantastic audio and you can hear every nasty sucking sound. The black sucker ends up with a mouthful of sticky and warm semen.

Two Black Gay Guys in Ball Busting Sex

Duration: 19m, 28s, Starring Mello, Ricky Parker

(327 Votes)

Ricky Parker is an older black man who still has the sex drive of a 20 year old, so he is happy to find partners in that age range that can keep up with him and his thick dick. I bet if I had a dick that big when I was 40 I would want someone sucking on it all the time too. Mello is more than happy to help out, his own dick getting harder and harder with every slurp. He ends up offering up his tight black thug ass for Ricky to pound into, and he goes so hard that you can hear the ball slapping from across the room.

Old Black Guy Fucked By Hot Younger Stud

Duration: 16m, 29s, Starring Mello, Ricky Parker

(185 Votes)

A young man realises his fantasy when he gets get to ass fuck an older black gentlemen. The two guys begins the scene lying next to each other on the bed, dressed only in their tight underwear. Their large packages are clearly visible through the fabric of their pants. The older man loves a bit of young dick, taking his companion's penis in his mouth for some oral pleasure. Then the older man gets on top, holding his ass cheeks apart and impaling himself on the younger man's erect cock. This finally turns into a hard doggystyle fucking and the young man ends up spunking right inside the older man's ass. The old man juice himself off.

Mature Black Man Sucked Off by Thug

Duration: 21m, 34s, Starring Ricky Parker

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Have you ever seen any black gay pornos with older black guys? I know that I haven't, but now is as good a time as any to start seeing it. Ricky Parker is an older chocolate daddy and he is getting sucked off by a 20 something thug that is really enjoying the taste of that ebony cock in his throat. He keeps his pace steady, slowly going up and down that shaft and working on the balls. Then he gets in that Dilf's ass, pounding it as hard as possible and leaving a giant mess of cum deep in his ass.

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