Young Guy Squeals During Painful Anal

Duration: 23m, 56s, Starring Ricky Parker, Dennis Lee

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Wouldn't you love to seduce a much younger man, to introduce him to the ways of filthy anal sex? That's what happens in this scene, as an older man tenderly exploits his young friend. The guys start fully clothed on the bed, but soon they are down to the underwear, rubbing each others' stiffening cocks. The older man warms his buddy up with some oral sex, slurping down the black dick gratefully. His plan is successful, and soon the younger man is blowing him as well! Then he bends his young friend over, spitting on his ass hole and holding him down firmly while he penetrates his bum. The young chap squeals as he gets sodomised!

Seductive Black Guys Geting Their Fill

Duration: 28m, 55s, Starring Dennis Lee, Joe Robertson

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Dennis Lee and Joe Robertson just love to taste chocolate dick - and today is their lucky day, because they get to go ahead and have some private time with each other. Joe is a particularly good cock sucker, as he can take the entire length of that big black dick in his mouth. He's pretty close to choking on it, but he holds that off to continue his pleasuring. Once you start on a black dick, you have to go ahead and finish it, so they end up fucking before the day is done. Dennis's ass gets so stretched and he loves it.

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