Two Black Studs Get Wild On The Floor

Duration: 23m, 44s, Starring Hot Boi, Ricky Parker

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After tossing Hot Boi's salad Ricky Parker leaned back and let Hot Boy suck his cock. Hot Boi really knows how to give head and had his cock standing at full attention in a matter of minutes. He bent Hot Boi over and ate his ass a little more before finally getting on top of him and driving his dick deep into that ass. He grabbed his hips and thrust into him, hard and fast like he was drilling a well. He rolled him over onto his back, put his legs over his shoulders and fucked him even deeper until he couldn't hold out any more. Like a good twink should Hot Boi then sucked every drop of jizz out of Ricky's dick.

Attractive Black Studs Have Hot Anal Sex

Duration: 27m, 30s, Starring Lu Silk, Pleasure

(340 Votes)

This hot black on black gay scene begins with two studs being introduced to the camera one at a time. Then you see them relaxing together on a beautiful antique rug, stroking each others' bodies and pulling each other's clothes off. They take turns sucking each others' cocks and by golly, both of these black men are extremely good-looking, with sexy shaved heads. After some hot oral they move on to anal sex, with one guy bending his buddy over and fucking him hard in the ring hole, massaging that prostate good with his dick. The two guys ejaculate all over each others' cocks at the conclusion of this hardcore gay anal vid.

Two Hung Brothers Get Busy With The Dick

Duration: 23m, 23s, Starring Dimitri, Little Blundt

(153 Votes)

Little Blundt and Dimitri are a couple of hung ebony studs that couldn't wait to get their clothes off and get down to business. Dimitri was so horny he actually went to his knees and gave Little Blundt a we rim job before swallowing his cock down his throat. He proceeded to suck Little Blundt until he was rock hard then got on his hands and knees and let Little Blundt mount him up from behind. Little pounded that black ass like he owned it, fucking him hard and reaming him out then he pulled out and nutted on his ass while Dimitri jacked off and shot his load all over himself.

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