Horny Hitchhiker Ass Fucked By Motorist

Duration: 20m, 21s, Starring Bam, Chico

(234 Votes)

Muscle bound, bald headed black stud Bam is cruising along in his tricked out SUV when he sees a lighter skinned black guy hitchhiking. He pulls up, letting the guy into his car and then taking him for a ride. It turns out that this hitchhiker is an enthusiastic gay cocksucker, and when the guys realise that they are in the presence of another gay man, they pull over and get in to the back of the truck for some hardcore cocksucking. The lighter skinned man turns out to be an excellent dick sucker, and he is rewarded for his oral talents with a hard ass fucking by big dick stud Bam. He gets his ass filled with Bam's hot spunk load.

Cocksucking Gay Tastes His Own Asshole

Duration: 20m, 42s, Starring Bam, Jambour Boe

(301 Votes)

Travelling stud Bam is on the road again, cruising from town to town looking for new hot black asses to fuck. He meets a guy at a bar one night, which is just as well because he needed a place to stay. He goes back to the guy's house, sitting on the edge of the bed in his underwear and enjoying the other guy admiring the size of his bulge. He gets a great blowjob from the guy, and then Bam bends has friend over and fucks him hard in the ass hole, pulling out to spunk in his friends mouth. The horny bottom cleans off the filthy cock with his mouth, ass to mouth style. Wouldn't it be fantastic to have a submissive gay cocksucker like this?

Chris Young Gets Ass Gaped By Bam's Big Black Dick

Duration: 16m, 57s, Starring Bam, Chris Young

(341 Votes)

This bandanna wearing black stud has got himself a submissive white bitch from the construction yard who sucks him off every time he cruises past the car park. Right in full view of passers-by, where anyone could walk past at any moment, he coerces the eager young twink to get down on his knees and take that massive black cock in his mouth. He looks down with satisfaction as the young white guy wraps his lips around that dick black shaft and swallows as much as he can. The muscle bound stud then bends white guy over in the back of his truck, taking him hard in the ass and then filling his butthole with his sticky spunk.

Young Hitch Hiker Does Ass Sex For Ride

Duration: 18m, 35s, Starring Bam, Ricky Parker

(365 Votes)

A well muscled black stud with a bald head is cruising along the street one day when he picks up a young black hitchhiker. This young guy knows the rules, and knows that since he hasn't got money for gas then he better be ready to pay for the lift with something else! He goes back to the car owner's hotel room, and they retire to the bedroom so that the young guy can pay back what he owes. He licks and sucks his dominant friend's cock, while his daddy guides him by the back of the head up and down on his prick. Then he bends over and lets the guy fuck him in the ass hole, yelping as his tight, barely fucked ass hole gets stretched out.

Gay Soldiers In Hard Oral And Butt Sex

Duration: 18m, 41s, Starring Bam, Ethan Alexander

(535 Votes)

Two horny gay guys dress up like soldiers for an afternoon of naughty fun out in the backyard. They fantasise about a situation where a black private gets in trouble with a superior officer. He gets a dressing down, being put in his place by the dominant stud, and then is told to get on his knees and suck the sergeant's cock. He eagerly does so, wrapping his lips around his superior's prick. You know how aphrodisiac power can be! Then, the submissive private gets laid down on his back on a deck chair and fucked in his tight ass hole. When the sergeant cums, he sprays his load all over his boyfriend's thick prick, covering it head to tip.

Eager Redneck Loves To Suck Black Cock

Duration: 13m, 16s, Starring Bam, Dennis Lincoln

(164 Votes)

A well heeled black stud is travelling around in the South, when he comes across a barn with a white hillbilly inside. He smooth talks his way in to the hillbilly's affections, telling him stories of the big city and impressing them with his urbane ways. Soon the hillbilly has his lips wrapped around black guy's prick. Later on he lies upside down with his ass in the air, submissively offering himself up to the big dick black stud. He gets reamed hard and then takes a mouthful of cum, swallowing as much as he can. The filthy redneck really gets nailed by the black guy! There's nothing hotter than hardcore gay interracial like this!

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