Gay Cocksuckers Fight For Some Attention

Duration: 20m, 6s, Starring A.C. Brown, Lance Kincaid, Mello

(527 Votes)

This black gay threesome clip opens with one guy lying back on the couch with his hands comfortably behind his head while two younger guys fight for his attention. They eagerly sucks and lick his knob, suckling on the head, tonguing the shaft and licking the balls in the hope that he will make eye contact with them. Finally he picks his favourite, a young black twink with a virgin ass. He orders the other boy to leave, bending his chosen one over on the couch and entering that extremely tight shit hole. It takes him a while to ease his new friend open but soon he is reaming deep inside that butthole, getting ready to explode.

Two Black Guys Play Bury The Bone

Duration: 19m, 14s, Starring Infinity, Mike Rome

(290 Votes)

Infinity called up Mike Rome and had him come over to the house. As soon as he walked though the door Infinity pushed him to the floor and shoved his cock into his mouth. He sucked that dick like a champ, taking it deep down his throat then flipped him over on his hands and knees and eased his cock into his ass. He grabbed his hips and pulled him back so he could bury his dick inside him. He pounded him so hard his balls were slapping against his ass and Infinity wanted to cum so he pulled out and blasted his load all over Mike's belly and hard dick.

Two Black Guys Have A Romantic Getaway

Duration: 19m, 45s, Starring A.C. Brown, Mello

(149 Votes)

A.C. Brown and Mello decided to have a relaxing afternoon together so they rented a hotel room, got naked and had a good time. They started off just kissing and rubbing on each other then A.C. leaned over and started sucking Mello's cock. He loved the feel of that black dick getting hard in his mouth so much that he wanted to get fucked so he bent over and let Mello slip it into his tight and ready ass. Mello pumped on that ass, running his hands up and down his back and making him feel good until he couldn't hold out so he pulled out and came all over A.C.'s cock.

Getting Some Black Ass Gangster Style

Duration: 18m, 36s, Starring Ricky Parker, Soloman

(370 Votes)

Hanging at the crib Ricky Parker and Soloman were talking and relaxing when Soloman reached over and started rubbing Ricky's cock through his jeans. Ricky liked it so he leaned over and pulled Soloman's dick out of his pants and started slobbering all over with his wet mouth. Once hard Soloman bent Ricky over the couch and slammed his dick into his ass. He plowed that ass like he was farmer working a field and drilled him deep and fast. Soloman got his fill of that black ass and pulled out so the two guys could stroke each other and cum at the same time.

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