Tattooed Gay Latino Enjoying Hunk

Duration: 16m, 35s, Starring Artur Fresa, Johnny Alves

(278 Votes)

Artur Fresa and Johnny Alves are the stars of this great Latino porno, and they are making sure to get the most out of it. There is dick sucking galore, along with a rather titillating rimjob session that will make you want to just cum all over the place. There is a lot of attention paid to Artur's ass, and before long he is taking a stiff dick up it. You can hear him moaning like a mad man as that cock slams in harder and harder. All you can see is the well muscled ass of Johnny Thrusting back and forth.

Cute Latino Gay Guys Fuck Poolside

Duration: 16m, 48s, Starring Luiz Hansom, Wagner Touro

(269 Votes)

You get treated to a hell of a lot of eye candy to start out with, but after awhile it ends up being two tight bodied Latino gay guys. Wagner Touro and Luiz Hansom start off with a bang, rubbing each other's dicks, kissing and caressing each other, and loving the salty taste of their skin and sweat. They move in under the roof and start really going at it away from the pool, with Wagner riding on top and slamming his thick Latino meat all the way inside. They are both moaning so fucking loud you can hear them throughout the house.

Horny Brazilian Rides A Stiff Prick

Duration: 16m, 26s, Starring Hector Henrique, Patrick Oliveira

(375 Votes)

I'm sure this guy didn't need a blanket as he was napping on the couch. After all, they were in Brazil! After he rested his head on a pillow, he thought of a better way for him to warm him up, as he ran his tongue up and down his body and massaged his cock through his briefs. He took them off and sat on top of his face in a 69, deep throating his member while his own was sucked hard. He got his asshole licked before he bent him over on the couch and plowed into his rectum from behind. He got on top of him to impale himself on his fuck stick, as he bounced up and down on it until both of them squirted their sperm everywhere.

Gay Brazilian Threesome Has Sex Poolside

Duration: 17m, 48s, Starring Gabriel Coelho, Nike Santiago, Patrick Oliveira

(245 Votes)

These guys had been hyping it up for quite a while, and they were finally going to have the steamy gay threesome they were all talking about! They started getting naughty poolside, with their dicks coming out of their tight shorts to be played with. They rubbed their bodies together, making their cocks swell up in anticipation of some fun, and then they started sucking on each other's peckers and licking their asses. All of the guys got their assholes filled up with cock, as they took it from behind, or got on top of the other and went for a hard ride. And they didn't stop until every last drop of cum was shot from their cocks.

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