Submissive Cocksucker Mitch Gets A Load

Duration: 19m, 36s, Starring Braeden, Johnny Rham, Mitch Ray

(123 Votes)

In this seedy gay sex clip, submissive cocksucker Mitch Ray gets picked up on the street by tall and dominant male Braedon. They walk home boldly holding hands and as soon as they are in the door the cocksucking begins. Dirty Mitch can't wait to get a dick in his mouth, swallowing it right down and moaning with satisfaction - he's been thinking about the cock all day! He ends up getting fucked up against the wall and then on the floor by big dick Braedon, who is much taller than short Mitch and has got an equally large cock. The guys spunk off all over each others' dicks and stomachs at the end of the clip, finishing things off with a kiss.

Handsome Gay Men Shoot A Little Stick

Duration: 21m, 1s, Starring Austin Rivers, Grant Warren, Tony Cole

(189 Votes)

A couple of dudes shoot pool, and they make a wager on the outcome of the game. After shooting a little stick, Grant Warren and Austin Rivers begin to make out passionately, and Austin lays back on the table so Grant can suck his hard cock. The men then switch positions and Austin blows Grant, and Austin gives Grant a nasty rim job. Austin the gets on his hands and knees to take it up his tight ass doggy style, and he lays back to have his butt plugged missionary. Austin jerks his own load all over his stomach as he gets fucked, and Grant pulls out and cums all over him too.

Young Dudes Have Anonymous Hotel Fuck

Duration: 20m, 54s, Starring Chris Akin, Johnny Rham, Troy Halston

(203 Votes)

In this hardcore gay sex clip, introduced by well-known big dick gay porn stud Johnny Rham, two good-looking young dudes hook up for a night of anonymous hotel room sex. It begins with one guy, a slightly pudgy dark haired man, lying on the bed nervously while his more confident curly haired fuck buddy lies next to him. The curly haired man runs his hands up and down his partner's body, massaging his cock through his pants and then pulling the trousers right off. There is some oral sex both ways and then the nervous, pudgy man gets fucked right in his ass hole, almost crying while he gets sodomised. It feels so naughty but he loves it!

Romantic Dinner Leads To Hardcore Anal

Duration: 22m, 7s, Starring Johnny Rham, Tony Cole

(485 Votes)

In this hot scene, two college age guys are having a romantic dinner at home. Part way through the meal, one man leans forward and kisses his buddy passionately on the lips, sparking off some intense sex. Both guys are extremely well toned and have youthful bodies, and one is endowed with an exceptionally large penis which his fuck buddy can't wait to suck. There is oral and then anal both ways, as the guys take turns fucking each other in the ass and then swapping around. They happily ejaculate all over each other at the end of the clip, drenching each other with their warm juices and thus sealing and declaring their love.

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