Hot Amateur Gay Studs Balls Deep in Ass

Duration: 34m, 34s, Starring Caleb Jones, Mike Woods

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Mike Woods is a rather open guy about his sexual preferences, so when any of his friends are in the mood to get a good gay fuck going on, they know where to go. Today Caleb Jones was looking to get in on the action, so he goes ahead and starts by kissing and sucking off Mike. One thing leads to another, and then they go for the throat - or dick, in this case. Mike is bouncing up and down on Caleb's dick, getting his ass stretched wider and wider as he goes. His hand is grasped firmly around his dick, and he strokes it while he bounces.

Gay Amateurs Slurping Up Dick on Couch

Duration: 21m, 53s, Starring Nathan Stephens, Olsen James

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Nathan Stephens and Olsen James have a rather fun life - they live together, and since they are alone nearly all day they get to fuck whenever they feel like it. It turns out that they want to fuck right now after they woke up, taking care of that morning wood that drives them crazy almost every time they wake up. They make their way to the couch, rubbing and tweaking each other's bodies as they get settled in. A mouthful of cock follows, along with one rather impressive ball slapping gay sex scene that leaves them both exhausted.

Two Gay Amateurs Fucking in Shower

Duration: 15m, 37s, Starring Collin Raymes, Mike Woods

(106 Votes)

There is just something about the shower that makes you want to break down and fuck the hell out of someone, as Mike Woods and Collin Raymes show. It starts of with Mike just washing himself down - rather thoroughly, I might add. And then along comes Collin, his dick at the ready. He gets it sucked to start with, but he really wants to bend Mike in half and ram him so hard that his head is almost banging off of the shower wall. Although it doesn't get quite that intense, they do end up having some rather amazing sex.

Cute Gay Hunks in Amateur Threesome

Duration: 13m, 41s, Starring Austin Winters, Dylan Prince, Phillip Dockens

(545 Votes)

The gay amateur porn scene is one of my favorites, because you can almost taste the sexual chemistry that the guys have between them. You can also see things like hairy hunks, instead of those weird shaved smooth gay pornstars that I see a lot. Dylan Prince, Phillip Dockens, and Austin Winters are together in a corner of their room, fucking in a rather delicious fashion on top of the mattress. At one point, they actually end up having a gay DP, which is not something that I think I have ever watched before.

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