Roommates Make Each Other Their Boy Toy

Duration: 19m, 46s, Starring Corey Daniels, Zander Charles

(106 Votes)

Corey Daniels and Zander Charles are pretty close for roommates. On this day they're getting bored of doing nothing but playing cards together, it's time they take turns on each other's cocks. These two cute horny studs waste no time trading hot sloppy blowjobs, and stroke each other until they're nice and hard. Assholes get rimmed with flailing tongues and butts get stuffed with rock-hard cocks while the guys get off by fucking each other like cock-starved animals. When the asses have been stuffed to satisfaction, they get painted with hot loads of cum.

Sexy Male Roomates Suck a Hard Dick

Duration: 22m, 58s, Starring Corey Daniels, Hank Peters

(243 Votes)

There is a male skin mag sitting on the side table and a sexy young brunette is perusing the pages. A dildo arrives in a pizza box and he gets very excited. He repays the delivery man by getting on his knees in front of him and taking his cock into his mouth. Using his tongue and lips he gets his friends dick harder and harder until it is ready to slide into his asshole easily. He faces the camera and sits down on the boner getting his ass pummeled over and over again then gets a cum shot in the neck.

Gay Romp in The Park With Hard Ass Fuck

Duration: 18m, 25s, Starring Corey Daniels, Steve Hansen

(79 Votes)

Corey and Steve are two guys who love cock so much that they will go to any lengths to get it. A daring adventure in the park provides an opportunity for public fellatio. Leaving his jeans on the first guy unzips his fly and sticks out his fragrant dick so that his devious friend can put the penis in his mouth. He loves the taste of the cheesy flecks of ass residue on the schlong. The guys tumble around on the grass, taking turns to stick their sizable wangs into the other man's ass until they are ready to come. The first guy comes on his buddy's tanned back and rubs the wank juice into his skin lovingly then leaves him kneeling on all fours.

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