Deviant Coach Sucks His Young Student

Duration: 22m, 7s, Starring Casey Martin, Cameron Taylor

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This dirtycoach convinces one of his young pupils to go into the bedroom with him. We all know what that means! This young dude is about to learn a thing or two - about sex! The dirtycoach keeps his socks on as he pulls the young lad's clothes off and begins to suck his cock. Once he has the young fella aroused he spits on the anus, sliding his cock inside and beginning a brutal and teasing fucking. He starts off slow but by the end he is going really hard and fast! It's surprising that this amateur can take take this rough and vigorous pounding. By the end of the clip the coach has the younger man riding on the dick.

Older Dude Fucks His Younger Team Mate

Duration: 20m, 55s, Starring Sebastian, Cameron Taylor

(12 Votes)

Two members of the same baseball team find themselves lying next to each other on the bed one night. One is considerably older than the other and decides to take his younger companion under his wing, teaching him a few things about teammates sex. He makes his move, rolling over swiftly on top of the other guy. The younger man is surprised that he finds the weight of the other chap quite arousing, especially when the musky scent of his underarms hits his nostril. They kiss passionately and then engage in hot oral sex, followed by some rough anal as the older man stretches out the other guy's tight butt. He really disciplines him hard!

Hot Baseball Players Have Anal In Locker

Duration: 16m, 47s, Starring Casey Martin, Sebastian

(4 Votes)

This dirtyblond baseball player is determined to take it in the ass from every man on the team! One day after practice he is talking alone with a slender brown haired chap in the locker room. The blond dude convinces his gullible buddy that the way to improve his game is to have some hardcore gay sex! The guys get naked but the pitcher is still unconvinced, so he has to have his cock sucked to get it hard. Then the blond fella bends over on the bench, offering up his butt for anal sex. The pitcher closes his eyes and pretends it's a vagina, sliding his pole into the moist and tight anus and beginning to thrust vigorously.

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