Down And Dirty On The Boss's Desk

Duration: 30m, 49s, Starring Latin Heat, Mike Gee

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Latin could feel his prick respond as Mike loosened his shirt, revealing nice pecs. He reached out and rubbed his cock through his pants. They undress each other. His skin was toned and hot and felt electric. He begins licking his nipples on that bronzed chest and working his way down to his shaft, which he lathered with attention. He had a beautiful cock, smooth and almost hairless. He sucks him into his mouth and soon he was beneath me, things were flying off the desk. He pumps his cock in his ass shooting a terrific gob of cum deep inside. It bubbled out, leaving a stringy white trail to his balls.

Two Guys Get Wild After Some Pool

Duration: 24m, 5s, Starring Latin Heat, Manuel Garcia

(154 Votes)

After a heated game of nine ball Latin Heat and Manuel Garcia decided to show of exactly what they could do with a cue stick. After missing a shot Latin Heat lost the bet so he pulled out Manuel's cock and started sucking on it to pay off the bet. They moved from the game room to the bedroom where Latin continued giving head. He then let Manuel bend him over and drive that hard Latin cock right into his ass. Manuel fucked Latin deep and hard, drilling that ass clean before finally pulling out and blasting a hot load of jizz all over Latin's flat stomach.

Black Guy Sucks A Latino Mans Cock And Makes Him Cum

Duration: 20m, 20s, Starring Junior, Latin Heat

(82 Votes)

You know how to suck cock don't you? So get to it. Junior goes down on his dimunitive latin partner slurping his brown cock until he has swallowed the whole enchilada. He works on that stiff meat pole sucking his jaws in and out with his efforts as he works the cum from his new friends balls. He strips off and presents his muscular black ass to his partner relaxing his ass so that he can take the prick he's grown into it fully. He gets his ass banged and filled with hot cream. He strokes his own cock until his white sperm puddles on his glistening black stomach.

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