Gay Ebony Guys Getting Busy With Dicks

Duration: 25m, 47s, Starring Dees, Mellow

(466 Votes)

Dees and Mellow see each other often, as Mellow is a damn find masseuse. He works his strong ebony hands up and down Dees' body, paying special attention to that muscled and hunky ass of his. His hands linger on that strong, naked body just enough to let Dees know that he has more of an interest than just in massaging - and Dees gets the hint pretty quickly. Of course it's hard for Mellow to hide a hardon with the size of his cock, so prett soon they are romping around with each other, big flesh swords at the ready.

Hot Ebony Gay Guys Taking Big Dick

Duration: 16m, 36s, Starring Little Blundt, Pleasure

(111 Votes)

Little Blundt and Pleasure are two of the finest gay black men that you will ever see - and they also have two of the finest asses in the land. I have never seen booty that nicely tight and muscled until now, and the ones that come close I have never gotten to watch in action quite like this. They go right ahead with the ass slamming, working that big, powerful dick in and out, getting that cock going until they are both moaning and screaming in pleasure. I was thrilled to see how hardcore the scene got by the end.

Young Black Dude Rubs On The Choc Sauce

Duration: 23m, 20s, Starring Hot Boi, Infinity

(162 Votes)

A young black masseuse is giving an older man a massage. Instead of pouring on massage oil, instead he pours on chocolate sauce, rubbing it all over the older man's back, legs and about. After he has cleaned off, the older man gives the young black masseuse an excellent blow job, looking up into the camera POV style while he chokes on the impressive dark cock. Then the older man, who has significantly lighter coloured skin, gets down on all fours and offers up his sphincter. The young black stud ploughs him from the back, hammering that tight ass and pulling out at the latest minute to ejaculate over the older man's buttocks.

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