Cute Gay Bartender in Interracial Action

Duration: 20m, 14s, Starring Dareone Black, Dirk Adams

(77 Votes)

Dirk Adams is one somewhat twinky yet very hot bartender that is being watched avidly by Dareone Black. They both know they want each other, so it doesn't take very long for Dirk to walk on over and show his cock to Dareone. This interracial pairing is as hot as it can get, vanilla and chocolate combined in one truly tasty scene that will leave you drooling at how great they are together. After some dick sucking it's time for the real action to start, so they get started with the ass fucking.

Two Hot Black Men Slurping Down Cock

Duration: 18m, 6s, Starring Big Boss, Ricky Parker

(161 Votes)

Ricky Parker has a thing for Big Boss's dick - he just can't keep his hands off of it, so slowly he works his hands up and down the shaft, letting his mouth follow where his hands go. This is one truly hot scene and I love watching them both in action. Big Boss especially captures my heart because of his rock hard abs and rock hard ass. Oh and one more important bit that is also rock hard - that big ebony cock of his. He puts that into action quickly, slamming it right into Ricky's ass once he has him nice and hard.

Gay Black Guy on Latino Sucking Away

Duration: 12m, 25s, Starring Bandit, Dareone Black

(151 Votes)

Bandit and Dareone Black is the hottest pair of gay ethnic hotties I have seen in a long ass time. I love the way that Dareone starts the sucking nice and slow on his Latino buddy, working his mouth slowly up and down that shaft. He just loves the feel of the dick in his throat, and his hands start to explore the rest of his boyfriend's body. After his dick is nice and slick, this Latino pushes his black boyfriend down on the bed and just starts fucking him in the ass, no holds barred all out ass pounding. It's hot as fuck.

Hot Gay Thugs Fucking Big Dicks

Duration: 19m, 52s, Starring Big Boss, Ricky Parker

(204 Votes)

Ricky Parker and Big Boss are two of the hottest gay black pornstars you are going to see in a long time. They have that lanky yet athletic thug body type that makes so many men and women fall in love with them, but these two have eyes only for each other. Ricky is going nuts on that dick, working his lips, tongue, and mouth up and down along Boss's shaft. Once he's nice and hard Ricky bends over and takes that sweet chocolate cock deep in his ass, moaning and groaning at the pleasure of it all.

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