Big Black Python Strikes With Love Venom

Duration: 19m, 2s, Starring Green Eyes, Soloman

(328 Votes)

Soloman has been looking at his fuck mag and talking to his fuck buddy. His huge black snake is in need of some attention. Green Eyes shows up and he gets right to work on that huge meat stick lathering it up with his spit and gagging it balls deep to his throat. He licks that shiny black stick and sucks on it's tender head. Soloman crams his spit wet prick deep into Green Eye's tight brown eye. Green Eye's inner walls grab and suck him in deep, working that python until it needs to strike. He pulls his pulsing black rod from it's tight sheath and strokes it until it spits strings of salty love juice on Green Eye's back.

Black On White Cock Banging Action

Duration: 17m, 27s, Starring Soloman, Zack Masters

(151 Votes)

When Zack comes into the room, Soloman already has an impressive erection. Zack drops to his knees and swallows that chocolate stick down. He loves the taste of cock and can't get enough of Soloman's thick meat, gagging on it as he tries to get every long inch of it down his throat. Soloman turns Zack around and parts his pale white ass using his python to pierce his puckered ass. He has to push it in slowly as Zack relaxes his muscles around it. Once his ass is impaled on that black snake, he starts fucking. It hurts, but it feels good too. Soloman hammers him until his steely cock is ready to spurt his cum, he jerks out and scores.

He Loves To Suck Any Cock That Is Hard

Duration: 17m, 17s, Starring Dirk Adams, Junior

(54 Votes)

Dirk is a cock hound. He loves the taste of cock and cum. When he cums in the room his eye are immediately lasered in on the hard cock on the bed. He doesn't even see the rest of the man - he just sees a big thick prick and he wants to eat it. He's been told he's the best cocksucker in town, and you can see why as he bobs his head up and down and pulls at the hairy balls with his teeth. His reward is a trip up the ass alley, and he crams that tight sheath with his enormous hammer, shoving it in and and out until he has to jerk it out and eject his thick stream of gooey cum on his partners cock and ass.

Bottom Sucks Cock And Gets Ass Plowed

Duration: 19m, 47s, Starring Brown Eyez, Mike Gee

(83 Votes)

First our black boy takes his friend's massive cock into his mouth. He then slowly begins to massage the head of his cock with his tongue, gathering the pre-cum from the tip of the engorged cock. This brother is sucking cock like he has never sucked cock before. By nature, he's a bottom and prefers to take it up the ass, so his buddy positions himself behind his muscular ass pokes through his tight sphincter. He strokes his tight ass canal until he's ready to blow. He pulls out fast and jacks his jerky juice all over his ass and then crams it back inside for more.

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