Euro Tourist Spitroasted By Latin Studs

Duration: 25m, 45s, Starring Chad Calvin, Antonio Correa, Lourenco Manhoz

(39 Votes)

The message of this clip is: go to Brazil and get all the cock that you want! This Caucasian tourist is fresh off the plane, cruising around the beaches of this Brazilian city. He is amazed at the number of good-looking, muscular studs wandering around. He begins chatting with two toned volleyball players, one Latino and one black. He accompanies them back to their apartment, where everyone takes a shower. You'll love watching the water flowing off these muscle bound hulks. They retire to the bedroom, where the Caucasian guy sucks both men's penises. Then he goes in the middle, taking it in his ass while the black guy fucks his mouth.

Two White Guys Suck Off A Hot Black Guy

Duration: 25m, 52s, Starring Chad Calvin, Alvaro Ferraz, Pero Botelho

(9 Votes)

A black army man and two Caucasian studs get it on in this hot homosexual threesome. The guys begin by sitting around in the mess hall, joking around. However, underneath the chatter you can feel the erotic sexual tension between the three men. They retire to the bedroom, where the two white guys go down on the black man. He stands dominantly over them while they kneel in front, submissively working his prick with their mouths. Then the guys all lie down in a circle on the bed, each man with a cock in his mouth. They swap around several times before they all masturbate together to orgasm. Check out these three horny studs!

Latino Plumber Ass Fucks A Euro Bottom

Duration: 17m, 26s, Starring Chad Calvin, Jorge de Braga

(9 Votes)

Gay or straight - it doesn't matter, it seems like if you are a tradesman, you'll get some action! This rich Caucasian stud has been living in South America when the plumbing in his apartment breaks down. He calls the tradesman, who arrives but is unhappy to admit that he can't find the problem. The Euro guy doesn't seem so interested in his plumbing as he eyes up the good-looking South American man's physique. He looks especially sexy in his uniform! Pushing the man into the bathroom, the Euro stud unzips his overalls and begins to suck his cock. Bending over at the waist, the man squeals while the plumber fucks him hard in the ass hole.

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