Big Dick Latinos Fucking Under the Trees

Duration: 25m, Starring Ricardo Caffes, Rocco Brazil

(1390 Votes)

Rocco Brazil is one rather famous well hung gay guy, and he is one of my favorite Latinos to watch. He starts off nice and slow with Ricardo Caffes, stripping him down outside and getting him warmed up with small talk. However neither Latino can really hide their lust for one another, and as such they start ripping at each other's clothing very quickly. Once they get done with that, Ricardo gets bent over the table, his tight ass giving way for Rocco's hard and big Latino dick. You can't say no to this guy.

Brazilian Gay Hottie Fucking at Farm

Duration: 22m, 9s, Starring Paulo Juca, Rocco Brazil

(1097 Votes)

Rocco Brazil takes his ass down to the farm, where he's looking for a sexy cowboy to make his day. The man of his dreams walks up, Paulo Juca. After he stables his horse he stops by to Rocco, and it doesn't take long for sparks to fly between these two. The dick sucking starts first, with that big Brazilian cock hitting the back of Paulo's throat. Neither Latino minds choking on gay cock though - in fact that problem turns them on more than anything else. They end up getting dirty on the ground, fucking right in the dirt.

Big Brazilian Gay Dick Sucking

Duration: 32m, 27s, Starring Matheus Resende, Rocco Brazil

(2004 Votes)

There is nothing like seeing a big dick Brazilian guy getting his dick sucked by a pure hunk, so when I saw Rocco Brazil getting in action in this scene I was thrilled to death. Matheus Resende joins him after Rocco gets out of the hot tub, and although I wish I could have seen them fucking in the hot tub, I did enjoy watching them kissing and licking each other nice and slow. They then turned to dick sucking, and I was amazed at how great he could swallow down Rocco's dick. He takes the whole thing down his throat with no problem.

Big Dick Gay Poolside Fucking

Duration: 26m, 10s, Starring Andre Brizzo, Rocco Brazil

(648 Votes)

Rocco Brazil is enjoying his time at this resort, but it doesn't take him long to want to get a big dick shoved in his ass. Lucky for him, he founds Andrew Brizzo who seems to want the exact same thing. After a quick jaunt in the pool, they end up finding each other in the poolhouse, but the hottest part of the scene starts when Rocco gets on top, his hard big dick bouncing around like wild. I could not take my eyes off of it, because damn Rocco getting fucked is so fucking hot, I couldn't believe it.

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