Hot Latino Guys Cum on Each Other

Duration: 14m, 23s, Starring Diego Lozano, Mateus Fernandes

(590 Votes)

Diego Lozano is in the mood for a hot fuck, so when Mateus Fernades stops by he doesn't take too long in seducing him. He wants to hit that shit and then cum all over him, so the first order of business was popping that big Latino cock down his throat. I don't know what it is about these Latino guys, but they certainly seem to be open about exploring their full sexuality. I'm not going to complain, of course - I'm just going to sit back and enjoy every last second of this ass pounding action. Especially when they cum on each other.

Gay Brazilians Are Head Over Heels

Duration: 23m, 21s, Starring Lucas de Donas, Rico Vidal

(1426 Votes)

Lucas de Donas and Rico Vidal are sure to have a ton of fun in this gay Latino fuck fest, but I'm not sure which was worse - how horny I got watching them, or how horny I was after I found out just how fucking flexible Rico was. The porno starts out standard enough, with some cheesy pick up lines to pave the way for the clothes getting thrown off, but then it was time for the real action. Rico is literally bent almost in half to take this dick, his heels back over his head and moaning every second of the way.

Tight Ass Latinos Fucking Hard

Duration: 16m, 18s, Starring Darien Leon, Leon Paiva, Leon Pavia

(2163 Votes)

Leon Paiva and Darien Leon have two of the best asses in gay porn, bar none. Okay so maybe there's a few contenders for that with the black guys, but within the Latino gay side they are really the best. I love seeing these asses getting pounded by dick, especially when they just keep going harder and faster. I could watch those tight Latino asses for hours, and once you see them you will want to as well. They go for long enough that it might as well be for a few hours - it is simply fucking amazing.

Hunky Latino Gay Guys on the Couch

Duration: 20m, 39s, Starring Juan Pene, Leonardo Carcia

(434 Votes)

These guys don't want to go back to the bedroom - they just want to fuck right away with each other. That means they go right for the couch, which is just fine by Juan Pene and Leonardo Carcia. Now I know I love seeing Latinos fucking like this, so I'm sure you will too if you are a fan of ethnic gay porn. They are fucking on a leather couch which is fucking great, and you can just imagine the smell of the leather as they keep on fucking harder and harder in their asses. There is a mess everywhere afterwards.

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