Hairy Latino Hunks Sucking Big Dick

Duration: 17m, 36s, Starring Antonio De Capos, Castel Lorenzo

(299 Votes)

I love big dick gay porn, so whenever I see that a porno is featuring some Latino hunks I know I'm going to be in for a treat. Castel Lorenzo and Antonio De Capos start getting it on right in the middle of the floor. There is nothing stopping them from going after the ultimate cock suck. I just want to see those big Latino dicks getting whipped out and put into action. They don't leave it at that, of course - there is a healthy amount of butt sex that ends this scene with a cum filled finish. Yummy!

Two Blatino Brothers Getting It On

Duration: 18m, 45s, Starring Emilio Calvo, Felipe Sainz

(377 Votes)

Felipe Sainz and Emilio Calvo are the type of guys that can just walk into a room and draws all eyes to them. There is nothing you can say that would make these two even hotter than they already are, especially when they get naked and you get to see their giant dicks. These two have the perfect chocolate skin, nice and delicious, and when they get to fucking you can see just how refined their ass muscles are. These are truly perfect asses, so if you love watching Blatinos then you are going to enjoy the hell out of this porno.

Athletic Latinos Sucking Dicks

Duration: 22m, 48s, Starring Felipe Herrero, Ramon Mendez

(459 Votes)

Ramon Mendez and Felipe Herrero are breaking in the new apartment - and one of the best ways to do that is to add in some dick sucking. I can't think of a better house warming gift, to be honest. The studs really love stripping each other naked, and you can just tell how happy they are by the way they are looking at each other's bodies when they are naked. Their muscles are nice and refined, and both of their dicks are fucking giant. Then they start with the dick sucking, ending the scene with a bent over butt fuck.

Tight Ass Latinos Fucking in the Apt

Duration: 18m, 42s, Starring Antonio Ramos, Denis Mello

(957 Votes)

Antonio Ramos gets some odd ideas from time to time, and today his odd idea is to try out some gay sex. Denis Mello has no problem at all with that, so they start stripping down and then exploring each other's bodies. I love the way his fingers trace up and down their shafts and even their nipples. The best part is when they show off those perfect asses though. Those are chiseled Latino asses, perfection to be sure. You get to see a lot of them when they start exploring the fucking part of their uninhibited encounter.

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