Leather Loving Black Guys Getting Nasty

Duration: 15m, 24s, Starring Dennis Lee, Rashaan

(208 Votes)

Rashaan and Dennis Lee make an interesting gay pair. Rashaan fucking loves to show off his leather straps, and he wants to get Dennis Lee loving leather as well. The easiest way for him to manage that is with his mouth, so he starts licking at Dennis right away. His tongue makes circles around his nipples, and their cocks get harder and harder by the second. Soon enough this black on black fuck fest ends up with Dennis taking a hard dick deep in his ass, and him moaning at the top of his lungs as he takes more and more dick.

Horny Gay Thugs in Sex Swing Action

Duration: 15m, 4s, Starring Richard Reyes, T-Spoon

(148 Votes)

T-Spoon and Richard Reyes have a rather interesting way of showing their affections for each other - they end up pulling out a sex swing, which isn't exactly the most common of sights in porn. It certainly should be though - it leaves Richard completely open, with his asshole just ripe for the licking. He ends up getting an amazing rimjob that leaves him with a shiny brown eye, along with swing aided fucking that will make your dick so hard that you're going to run out and buy a sex swing just to experience what they are.

Black Leather Gay Hottie Fucked by Thug

Duration: 18m, 17s, Starring Bobby Blake, Gene La Mar

(682 Votes)

Gene La Mar is a hot black leather lover who has on a wild studded thong and straps. He's joined by Bobby Blake, a tight bodied thug that has a thing for this leather clad ebony stallion. He starts off by taking off all of Bobby's clothes, loving the way that his tight body looks. Before long he's sucking his dick, feeling the taste of it deep down his throat. Then he takes it deep in the ass from him, moaning as that tight ass gets reamed out nice and big by that thick ebony cock that just won't quit. Now that's hot.

Leather Guy Gets His Ass Spiked

Duration: 17m, 32s, Starring Andre Bolla, Toney

(203 Votes)

Toney has come to serve. He caresses the leather covering licking each metal stud before slowly uncovering the big uncut black snake that waits underneath it He dangles that cock into his mouth sucking and licking it unti it starts stretching out and thickening. They switch places and his smaller prick is pleasured by Andre until it is stiff and straining. Toney squats over Andre and takes that huge black stick up his tight ass. He strokes his cock as his ass is fucked hard by his leather and chain clad friend. They roll side by side and jack their nightpoles until they spill their seed on their stomachs in final release.

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