Two Black Studs Fucking Hardcore

Duration: 21m, 57s, Starring Infinity, Michael Rome

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Michael Rome and Infinity were laying on Michael's bed kissing and rubbing on each other. As they continued to make out Infinity slowly pulled off Michael's pants, grabbed his dick and started to suck it. He slobbered on that shaft until he was rock hard, throbbing and ready to go. Infinity got on all fours and let Michael slip that long black snake right into his ass. He started out slow, but built up speed and soon was flat out pounding away on him. He hammered that ass, pulled out and came on Infinity's back then he grabbed Infinity's cock and jerked him until he came.

Squat Dude Penetrates Taller Man's Anus

Duration: 27m, 7s, Starring Dareone Black, Eric LeMarque

(148 Votes)

There's no mucking around with boring dialogue in this clip - it's straight into the hardcore black on black anal sex action! The opening shot is of a tall black man being anally penetrated by a shorter and squater fella wearing a cap. It's all about the ass hole in this clip as he plugs this guy's butt, pounding him so hard that he gradually hammers him down in to a completely prone position on the mattress. He is truly relentless and it seems like he must be on viagra - he is hammering at that ass like the Energizer Bunny! He gets tired at one point, with pulling his dick out and inserting it into his cum receptacle's mouth.

Cocksucker Loves His Nasty Ass To Mouth

Duration: 11m, 13s, Starring John Chesswood, Koby Bird

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This horny black cocksucker can't wait to get a load in his mouth! This clip begins with the light skinned submissive male down on his knees, faithfully blowing his darker skinned daddy. Both men are extremely muscular and with barely an ounce of body fat on them - you can really see their muscles rippling against their black skin, very sexy! Then it's straight to anal on the bed, with the cocksucker lying flat on his stomach with his legs spread, offering unimpeded access to his tight asshole. He gets banged brutally, only to take the filthy shit encrusted penis back in his mouth to swallow the bubbling load. Now that's service!

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