Black Guy Fucks His Boy's Tight Butt

Duration: 20m, 10s, Starring Dareone Black, Koby Bird

(180 Votes)

These black gay studs don't waste any time when it comes to a hard ass fucking, do they? Koby Bird and Dareone Black are already making the bed rock, as he slides his cock inside of his buddy's butt and starts to ram it from behind with every last inch of his chocolate rod. He grabs him by the hips and slams him hard while he moans loudly, grabbing a hold of the pillow to brace himself. While he strokes himself, he sucks on his man's dick as he straddles his chest, jerking himself off from the sensation of having his ass gaped open just minutes earlier. That's why after he cums, he's vigorously sucking him off for his hot sperm.

Big Dick Black Gay Guys Fucking

Duration: 19m, 52s, Starring Big Boss, Koby Bird

(212 Votes)

Koby Bird and Big Boss are two spectacular black gay gangstas that have dicks that hang low, and a love for using them on each other. They love to give each other blowjobs especially, wrapping their lips around those thick cocks and really enjoying the way they tasted when they started going down on each other. Of course with dicks like that, you know they have to dive right into a tight ass. They end up with Koby thrusting away at Big Boss's ass, splitting him nearly in two since he wasn't expecting a girth like that.

Bald Black Guy Loves Hard Black Dick

Duration: 19m, 52s, Starring Dareone Black, De Karlo

(203 Votes)

This guy's like the Energizer bunny when it comes to sucking a big black dick. His head bobs up and down so fast on it, as he covers the entire cock in his drool from base to tip! And he doesn't just do it for a second; he makes sure that every inch of it is swollen before he stops blowing his man, because he knows that his chocolate rod is headed straight for his ass, and he wants to make sure that it fills his butt completely! It sure does do the job when he bends over and starts getting plowed, as he grabs him by the hips and slams the shit out of him. They lay together and jerk off, and then shoot their white cum all over themselves.

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