Black Guys Get Straight Down To Hot Anal

Duration: 9m, 44s, Starring Marko Fairchild, Paul Hanson

(145 Votes)

The action is rough but romantic in this intense black on black gay sex scene. These two studs hook up via an Internet dating website, and as soon as they get together in the apartment they get down to business - no fucking around! The guys take turns sucking each others' dicks and then fucking each other hard in the butt. There are no condoms involved; these guys are more eager to experience the pure pleasure of flesh on flesh rather than worrying about catching something! There is plenty of hot and sweaty grunting as they bang each other's butts brutally, finally spunking messily all over each other. Extremely hot stuff!

Sunbathing Brotha Pumps His Stiff Cock

Duration: 6m, 41s, Starring Larry B.

(103 Votes)

It's a beautiful sunny day and black stud Larry has decided to sunbathe on the rooftop. At first he just strips down to his underwear, but after he takes a quick look around to see that no one is watching he gets completely nude. He's got a really hot body, muscular and with just a hint of chest hair that makes him look oh so masculine! He lies back, letting the warm rays be absorbed by his black skin. He feels is cock begin to twitch and it becomes erect of its own accord, so, since he is alone, he decides to jerk himself off. He has also got a great cock, nice and long and thick, and you're going to love watching him pump it!

Muscular Brothas Love Their Deep Anal

Duration: 13m, 14s, Starring Nino, Tyhee

(720 Votes)

One sunny California afternoon, two muscular black studs hook up and go back to the apartment for some closet sex. The guys look extremely similar, both being tall and well built with broad well muscled chests. One guy has a pencil thin moustache, and he is by far the more dominant of the two. He towers in front of his buddy, his long black cock poking out in front of him like a flagpole while his buddy goes down on him. The other man is a really enthusiastic oral slurper, gobbling down the cock as if it was a hot dog. Then he lies face down on the bed, burying his face in the pillow to try to muffle his screams as he gets ass plugged.

A Black Guy Gets Some Serious Head

Duration: 13m, 6s, Starring Paul Hanson, Tyhee

(333 Votes)

Paul Hanson was hanging with Tyhee at Tyhee's house. Tyhee wanted to taste Paul's meat so he pulled that cock out of Paul's pants and started to suck on it. Paul wanted to fuck Tyhee's mouth so he stood up in front of him and began pumping on his mouth. He fucked that mouth, nearly making him gag on that dick. Thyee knows how to give a guy head so he licked that shaft like it was a piece of corn on the cob then moved down and sucked those balls. He is so skilled it doesn't take long before Paul is moaning then he breaks loose and drops a nut into Tyhee's mouth.

Two Gay Thugs Fuck In The Hood

Duration: 23m, 54s, Starring Bam, Nino

(760 Votes)

Bam and Nino were hanging at the crib when Bam pulled his thick black dick out and shoved it into Nino's mouth. Nino sucked that cock like he was sipping on a forty. He crawled up on him and shoved that dick down his throat until he was gagging on it. Once he was rock hard he drove that black meat spike right into Nino's tight ass and drilled him like he was looking for oil. As he fucked that ass with long even strokes he could feel his balls spasm so he pulled out and let Nino stroke and suck on his cock until Bam came all over him.

Two Black Man Sucking And Fucking

Duration: 12m, 41s, Starring Long Beach, Paul Hanson

(114 Votes)

Long Beach and Paul Hanson were lounging around outside soaking up the sun. They decided to have a good time so they stripped off their clothes and Paul laid face down on the ground and let Long lick his ass. He got on top of him and slipped his cock into his ass and drove him into the ground. He plowed that black ass, fucking him like he was angry. He pulled him back on his knees and hammered it doggy style, working his ass and grinding that huge cock into that tight ass. As he got ready to burst he pulled out and the guy pressed their cocks together and came at the same time.

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