Hunky Latino Studs Fucking on Beach

Duration: 14m, 50s, Starring Alexandre Senna, Luciano Badaro

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This scene starts off with a splash fight between quite a few sexy gay Latino studs, Alexandre Senna and Luciano Badaro included. However, it ends up with just the two of them as they separate from their fellows and find a likely brick wall to hide behind. Nothing can hide their moans of pleasure, though. They start off by getting each other naked, and then it's time for the dick sucking to start. They are both champion cock suckers, and their dicks end up getting hard as a rock in time for the fucking.

Fat Cock Gay Latinos Getting Nasty

Duration: 12m, 26s, Starring Amauri de Oliveira, Tiago Lemos

(12 Votes)

Amauri de Oliveira are fucking incredible looking Brazilian gay guys that are always in the mood for some fun - and they're also always in the mood for some dick. It doesn't take them long to start rubbing all over each other - of course if I had a Brazilian dude looking like that in my place, I'd be all over him too. They especially love giving each other long and lingering blowjobs, although they certainly aren't skimping when it comes to all of the gay Latino sex that they are enjoying - there's never anything quite like that.

Gay Sailors Fucking on the Dock

Duration: 16m, 50s, Starring Marcio Pittbull, Eduardo Galisteau

(3 Votes)

Marci Pittbull looks so damn cute in his sailor outfit, and it's no wonder that Eduardo Galisteau can't resist him. He loves seeing that awesome uniform porn set up, and as soon as they get in to dock he is all over that sailor cock. They don't even bother going back to the house - instead they get nasty on the dock where anyone can see them. This gay outdoors sex scene just keeps getting hotter and hotter, especially when they start diving their cocks deep inside of the ass, loving the stretch of that bunghole.

Beach Studs Go Home For Hot Anal Sex

Duration: 16m, 44s, Starring Alfonso Reis, Sergio Apingora

(1 Vote)

A light skinned surfer guy meets up with a darker skinned beach stud and the two men go home with one another. Soon their board shorts are on the ground and they are eagerly sucking each others' cocks. These guys have both got awesome well toned bodies and your dick will be rock hard as you watch them pleasure each other with their mouths. Then the lighter skinned gentleman eases his sphincter down on his buddy's hard cock, not stopping until he has impaled himself right down to the balls on the throbbing shaft. Later on, the light skinned man gets bent over doggystyle and completely disciplined as he gets anally slammed by the other stud.

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