Eager Young Guy Gets It In His Sphincter

Duration: 24m, 19s, Starring Ricco Black

(111 Votes)

The Spanish boys have brought a new initiate back to the pool house, to get broken in to their gang. Unlike most gang initiation, this one doesn't involve a hardcore beating; instead, it involves some hardcore cocksucking and ass fucking action! The new member kneels down on the floor while one of the older members of the gang sits naked on the pool table. The initiate willingly sucks the guy's cock, tonguing the big shaft and licking the balls. However, that's not all there is, as the new guy gets bent over and his pants get pulled down around his ankles. With his arms held behind his back he gets fucked hard in the ass!

Fucking The Manager To Get The Job

Duration: 26m, 11s, Starring Junior, Latin Heat

(228 Votes)

Junior was talking to Latin Heat about a job opening he had. He asked Junior some questions then Junior told him he would do anything he could to get the job so Latin stood up and told him to take care of him and he would give him the job. Junior leaned over, fished Latin's cock out of his pants and started giving him head. He sucked that dick until he was throbbing and hard. Latin bent Junior over the desk and crammed that cock into his tight ass. He grabbed his hips and fucked him deep and hard, thrusting into that ass utnil he was ready to cum then he came all over Junior's face. He got hired the next day.

Grudging Latino Thug Sucks A Guy's Cock

Duration: 27m, 40s, Starring Manuel

(253 Votes)

This shaven headed Latino thug hasn't been paying his debts, so his boss orders him to pay - one way or another! They are alone in the pool hall, and so the boss gets out his dick and orders his shaven headed subordinate to suck him of. Grimacing, the Latino gang member does so, getting on his knees and fellating the older man. Then he gets bent over on the pool table and fucked hard in the ass, taking a big dick right up inside his bowels. He squeals and arches his back while he gets done in the butthole and finally takes a sticky cum facial right on his mouth - how humiliating! This guy didn't want to get fucked!

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