Afro Wearing Stud Has Mammoth Black Cock

Duration: 22m, 58s, Starring Brian L, Derek T

(293 Votes)

Check out the size of the cock on the guy with the Afro in this clip! It's fucking huge, and it is also rock hard. You can see every vein outlined as it throbs in preparation for his partner's asshole. The submissive bottom gives him a good blow job, letting himself be gagged by the dominant Afro wearing stud, and then he gets on top. It's a real struggle to get the cock inside, but the Afro guy finally manages to do so, almost tearing his buddy a new ass hole as he begins to drill him faster and faster. It gets too much and his friend gets him to pull out, but immediately goes ass to mouth, licking and sucking the dirty black cock.

Big Dick Gays Race For Quickest Wanker

Duration: 12m, 18s, Starring Brian L, Derek T

(130 Votes)

These black gay guys are horny and they need to cum. Instead of all retreating to their own bedrooms to jerk off, they decide to make a game of it, lying next to each other on the bed and jerking themselves off. It's kind of like race - a race for masturbatory pleasure! They furiously tug on their impressive wangs. The biggest cock belongs to the guy in the middle, who also sports a large and impressive Afro to match his prick. He is also the last to cum, obviously a real stallion who is used to delivering long and severe anal poundings. Every guy splashes himself and his friends with his own semen in the quest for the fastest orgasm.

Black Pimp Scores Two Eager White Boys

Duration: 23m, 2s, Starring Joey Mene, Johnson H, Martin Scoop

(81 Votes)

This dominant black stud manages to score himself two young white guys for the evening. He takes them back to his apartment, and the guys all get naked and rub their cocks together. One of the submissive white guys is eager to get ass fucked by the black stud - it's a fantasy he's had since he was a young man. Bending over at the waist, he lets his black companion spit on his ass hole, sticking his fingers in before he penetrates it with his prick. The white guy moans loudly while he gets fucked in his ass hole. The white guys also take a turn having sex with each other, and then there is a massive anal cumshot finish.

Submissive Gay Bottom Roughly Ass Fucked

Duration: 17m, 10s, Starring Joey Mene, Martin Scoop

(149 Votes)

Young ebony hunk Martin Scoop is sitting back and masturbating while he fantasises about hot sex with an eager gay bottom.In his fantasy, the bearded, submissive young black guy gets down on his knees and sucks Martin's cock. After he's given Martin a long and sloppy suck job, relishing his role as filthy black cock sucker, he lowers his sphincter down onto Martin's engorged prick. His ass is tight, but he lets Martin stretch him out good, like he's never had it before. By the end of the scene, Martin has his bitch bent over and he is slamming him hard doggystyle while their ball sacks slap together loudly - this guy gets nailed!

Friendly Gay Guys Joke About Their Cocks

Duration: 3m, 49s, Starring Joey, Martin Scoop

(75 Votes)

This scene features hot gay stallions Joey and Martin Scoop. These guys have got nice black cocks don't mind stroking themselves off just your enjoyment. There is a solo scene to begin with, with one of the lads lying on his back and giving himself a hand job with a reverse grip. The scene cuts to him and his friend, sitting next to each other in chairs in the kitchen. They are stark naked and enjoying looking at each other playing with their cocks. They compare sizes, joking around about having a swordfight, and then masturbate to orgasm in front of each other. Wouldn't you love to have a horny gay friend like this?

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