Hot Gay Black on Black Fucking

Duration: 20m, 56s, Starring Sean Park, Victor Jones

(551 Votes)

Victor Jones and Sean Park got together on a whim almost, but once they got back to the apartment they knew there was no way they were leaving before they had sucked each other's dicks dry. These gay black hotties were just awesome once they got naked, showing off their big black dicks and really getting into it. I think the best part is when the camera rolls up from behind and catches their balls bouncing up and down as Sean gets himself an assful of dick. It certainly looked like it was fun for the both of them.

Frustrated Ebony Gays Jerk Their Cocks

Duration: 14m, 37s, Starring Eric Mathews

(172 Votes)

Two black guys jack themselves off separately in this split scene. The first guy is a very dark, somewhat squat and muscular stud, he has a not so long but extremely thick and rock hard prick. He lies back while the camera looks up from between his legs, capturing every curve and every inch of that dark meat between his thighs. He jerks himself off hard and fast, spitting on his palm for lubrication and then spunking all over himself. The scene cuts to a thinner black man, who has a longer and thinner cock as well. He jerks himself off a bit slower and more sensuously, teasing himself by making almost making himself cum several times.

Muscular Gay Man In Shower And Wanking

Duration: 11m, 42s, Starring Brian L, Derek T

(208 Votes)

This clip opens on the incredibly muscular and attractive frame of a big dick black stud as he takes a shower. He arches his back and runs his hands through his hair as he rinses his Afro under the tap and you get to see the water gloriously spilling down over his well muscled chest and down towards that fantastic snake hanging between his legs. This guy has got a massive dick, just the kind of cock that you would love to suck and perhaps take in your ass. He walks into the bedroom, where he lies on the bed next his boyfriend and they race each other to see who can jerk off first. The guy who was in the shower really covers himself!

Check Out The Abs On This Black Wanker

Duration: 6m, 41s, Starring Shane Stewart

(114 Votes)

This clip focuses on muscle bound gay stud Shane Stewart as he lies back on the bed. He has got an amazing muscular and toned body, but the camera really focuses on that thick and beautiful black cock. He jerks himself to a full erection, playing with his shaft slowly at first until it is totally engorged. Once he is rock hard, he begins to jack himself off faster and faster. Almost unnoticed, another black stud enters the scene from the side, poking his cock into Shane's mouth and you get to see Shane jack himself off while he sucks the dick of the unnamed black actor. The camera zooms in on Shane's abs and prick as he explodes.

Thick Lipped Cocksucker Licks Some Ass

Duration: 6m, 58s, Starring Nate Dog, Payton Rone

(414 Votes)

Two horny gay guys hook up for a late-night cocksucking and ass munching session. The dominant guy is a longer head mulatto stud with a goatee, while his baseball cap wearing friend is an eager cocksucker. Kneeling in front of his standing friend, the darker skinned guy wears a cock in this mouth very well, looking extremely happy as his throat gets filled by his friend's prodigious penis. Later on in the cip, the lighter skinned man holds his cap-wearing friend by the back of the head and guides his tongue around to his dirty ass hole, urging him to lick it. A man really has to hope that he wiped his ass that morning!

College Cocksucker Fucked In His Rear

Duration: 8m, 59s, Starring Chad Madison, Charlie Rock

(282 Votes)

These well built black gay college studs hook up late one night in their dorm room. They have been eying each other up at basketball practice for weeks, and they finally get up the guts to act on their instincts. As one guy lies back on the bed, the other squats between his legs, wrapping his thick lips around his buddy's cock. This turns into a hardcore doggystyle ass reaming and the cocksucker yelps as his butt gets drilled hard by his dominant friend. The guy even sticks his thumb into the ass hole at the same time - ouch, that's got to hurt! But the submissive homosexual takes the most savage ass reaming with a smile.

Fit Black Guy Jerking Himself Off

Duration: 14m, 3s, Starring Marco P

(44 Votes)

Everyone needs some alone time once and a while and so does this fit black stallion. Marco P is guy who knows how to take care of his own business. While lying naked on a bed he gently strokes his penis making it get harder and harder with each pull. Watch some up close shots of his black dick and round head as he lies back to watch some porn. his strokes become more aggressive and strong the longer he continues to masturbate. His ass thrust up from the bed as he rubs the shaft of his cock making himself squirt his cum.

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