Rico and Duke Gay Ebony Barebacking Leaves Them Satisfied

Duration: 11m, 29s, Starring Duke, Rico

(398 Votes)

If there's something that gay porn needs more of, it's hot black thugs that love to go down on each other. It's even better when they just so happen to be going down on each other outside, where pretty much anyone can see them. As they get more and more worked up, they're going to be working each other into a cum covered frenzy that involves so much barebacking that they won't know what to do with themselves. They are sliding those big black dicks deep inside one another, getting so hot and bothered that they're going to explode with their seed.

Ebony Gangster Thugs Suck Dick As Well As They Whoop Ass

Duration: 17m, 25s, Starring Junior, Remy Mars, Rico, Venom

(1228 Votes)

When these hardcore gangster thugs aren't gangbanging, they are banging each other! At first we see a couple of extremely sexy and virile dudes rooting hard in the bedroom, with some erotic face fucking and deep, savage anal. The scene cuts to a pair of their buddies chilling in the backyard, looking extremely thug life in baggy shorts and chains. Since they don't have to go out and patrol the hood until later, the guys head upstairs to join their gang member friends in the bedroom, kicking off an intense four way orgy. The guys pair off, watching each other as they suck and fuck each other to multiple huge ebony cumshots.

Submissive Black Anal Slut Drilled By Two Huge Ebony Cocks

Duration: 35m, 41s, Starring Duke, Rico, Tiger

(1715 Votes)

Despite his ferocious name, Tiger is a submissive anal slut who loves to get pounded in the rear end - and to swallow cum! He kicks off this video having his ass hole licked by stud Duke while they wait for their other buddy Rico to turn up. When all three men are assembled they hit the bedroom, where they get naked and things really get hardcore! Tiger gets pounded in both ends by these studs, who make sure that he is stuffed full of cock at all times. They are very dominant with him, making him gag and then pressing him face down on the mattress while they pound him full of black dick. Of course, it is totally bareback!

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