Antoni Rueze Enjoys Himself at Hotel

Duration: 15m, 53s, Starring Antonio Rueze

(158 Votes)

Antoni Rueze is in for a long and relaxing day, and he's making sure that his cock gets plenty of attention as well. He works his hand up and down that dong, letting his fingers put just enough pressure on it that he is constantly and consistently being driven crazy. He can't help teasing himself, and he makes sure to just go with the flow and drive himself into one hell of a frenzy. By the time he's done, he won't be able to do anything other than whimper, moan and groan softly with hard contact.

Carlo Nacioa Plays with Uncut Cock

Duration: 14m, 31s, Starring Carlo Nacioa

(126 Votes)

Carlo Nacioa just loves messing around with his dick, and he's making sure to have plenty of playtime with his uncut cock. He sits back in the chair, getting nice and comfortable and grabbing at himself as he goes. He has a pretty solid stroke method going on, so he's going to make sure to take full advantage of that jerking. He throws his head back and ends up showing off more of his super muscular body, getting so worked up that he's about to explode the second he touches his cock. The amount of pure moaning and groaning in this male masturbation scene is well worth watching.

Luis Prota Reveals Hunky Brazilian Body

Duration: 15m, 13s, Starring Luis Prota

(52 Votes)

When you're in the mood for some South American cock, you're not going to want to pass up Luis Prota. This saucy Latino is not afraid to bare it all during his sensual and sensational masturbation session. In fact he's making sure to get himself well taken care of, working his hand up and down that shaft and getting hornier by the minute. By the time he's done whacking it, he has worked himself into a frenzy that is well beyond compare. Now all he has to do is deal with the clean up that comes after.

Paulo Otica Plays with His Stiff Rod

Duration: 13m, 51s, Starring Paulo Otica

(101 Votes)

Paulo Otica just loves to mess around with himself, especially when he can just chill out in the shower and work his hand up and down his body. He is a fine looking Brazilian hunk, and he certainly loves to mess around with himself while he's getting ready for a fun time. His hand wraps around his cock readily, and this hot Latino feels his dick getting harder and harder with every last stroke and thrust. As he gets closer and closer to orgasm, his dick tenses up and he ends up absolutely exploding all over the place.

Ricco Dkados Getting Off in Shower

Duration: 15m, 26s, Starring Ricco Dkados

(45 Votes)

Ricco Dkados is a hot and hunky Brazilian man who enjoys the finer things in life, such as masturbating in the shower. His sexy, well built body is shown off as he grasps at his dick, working his hands up and down the shaft until he ends up shuddering, moaning and groaning in sheer pleasure. By the time he's done whacking it, you'll have seen every last bit of him, especially the hard as a rock part that ends up shooting cum all over his bathroom. At least he'll have a remarkably easy clean up.

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