Bald Black Gay Going Down on Big Dick

Duration: 23m, 21s, Starring Dennis Lee, Infinity

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Infinity is sporting a completely bald head - you don't see that too often in gay porn, and it's always nice to see the shiny noggins. There's just something undeniably sexy about them, especially when they start sucking black dick. Dennis Lee's dick, to be exact. They do a bit of small talk at first, but then the clothes mutually come off and the black gay dicksucking starts. Infinity wraps his lips around this cock, working himself up and down the entire length and really enjoying the taste of that chocolate cock deep down in his throat.

Muscle Bound Blacks Have Pool Anal Fuck

Duration: 21m, 59s, Starring Dennis Lincoln, Kevin Kemp

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Two black dudes are sunbathing by the pool when they decide to get it on. They have been sunbathing nude, and they can't help but reach over to grab each others' black cocks. They love it, taking the dicks into which others' mouths for a hot 69. Then they have hard anal sex, as the more built of the two bends over while his slimmer and more muscular buddy fucks his ass. Soon the big guy is burying his face into one of the pillows of the deck chair to stifle his screams, as the guy who's doing the fucking looks around, making sure that no one is watching this hardcore homosexual sodomy. He cums right inside his buddy's butthole.

Black Stud Reams His White Bitch's Ass

Duration: 22m, 51s, Starring Bobby Blake, Dave Richards, Flex-Deon Blake

(516 Votes)

When you've got a body like incredible black stud Bobby Black, you don't have to look far for potential lovers. This guy is built like a Greek statue, with an incredibly toned and well proportioned body. This guy obviously spends a lot of time in the gym! He gets over one of his white bitches, ponytailed white dude Dave Richards. This guy sucks his black master's cock before he gets fisted and then takes a hard doggystyle slamming. This black stud stops at nothing to really humiliated and punish this white bitch, but the harder he pumps, the more the white guy moans and begs for more. He ends up with an ass hole full of black semen.

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