Pumping Black Men Explode With Cum

Duration: 15m, 18s, Starring Gene Lamar, Mitch Green, Randy Cochran, Ty Jones

(326 Votes)

Taking pictures of sexy black men pumping iron in the park is bound to turn any gay man on. Back at the office things get a little hot, the employee spots the bulge sticking out of his bosses pants and grips it with his hand, jerking him off on top of his pants as he kisses him. He gets it out of his pants and uses his tongue and mouth to give him a blow job. Using his desk for leverage he sits back, raises his legs and holds onto his cock as a hard boner is shoved up his ass. Together they get off and the cum explodes out of them.

Buff Black Studs Fuck In The Shower

Duration: 11m, 27s, Starring Mitch Green, Randy Cochran

(259 Votes)

Mitch Green and Randy Cochran are two sweaty black studs that are in need of a steamy shower fuck session. They cram into a small shower and handle each others' huge black cock with the skill and precision of Thai hooker. They trade a couple of deepthroat blowjobs and take long black pipes deep in their mouths. No need to worry about dropping the soap in this shower, because these two fuck slaves are hard, ready, and willing to get stuffed with the biggest, fattest, hardest black cocks in the biz.

Excellent Ebony Chick Enjoys Hard Bang By A Huge Black Dick

Duration: 10m, 7s, Starring Chris Dismiss, Gene La Mar, Josh Edwards

(250 Votes)

Interracial Anal In Employee Bathroom

Duration: 24m, 22s, Starring Cord Colby, Gene La Mar, Gino Colbert, Mitch Green

(207 Votes)

With all this crazy homosexual action happening in the employee lounge, it's a marvel that any work gets done in this dirtyworkplace! A Latino stud and a black man kick things off by kissing each other and sucking each others' dicks on the floor. Soon the Latino man is squealing as his butt gets filled with black cock and he gets roughly sodomised. There are also two other good-looking black guys kissing, sucking and fucking in the corner, although the two couples don't try and get it on with each other. Later we see the Latino suck his black buddy's filthy, shit encrusted cock and swallow every drop of his hot semen.

Black Thief Sucks Dick To Avoid Jail

Duration: 16m, 16s, Starring Daniel Murray, Gino Colbert, Ty Jones

(152 Votes)

A Caucasian business owner walks in to his office after hours to find a crafty black guy robbing the premises! He confronts the masked man, who is terrified about being sent to prison - he'll do absolutely anything to get off without police involvement! He walks up behind the Caucasian guy, gripping him firmly from behind and rubbing his cock through his pants. Although the white guy knows that he should do the right thing and call the police, he can't resist as the muscular black stud drops to his knees and begins to blow him. Soon the black guy is squealing as he gets fucked hard in the ass, but at least he's not going to go to jail!

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