Sexy Black Dude Masturbating For You

Duration: 6m, 32s, Starring Michael Lamap

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Our sexy black dude Michael Lamp some unusual ideas on chest shaving and shows it off while he masturbates. This dude loves to grab on to his balls and hold them tight and twist his stiff man muscle around until it surrenders and becomes a block of steal. Watch this guy as he keeps his ass lubed and tries to fuck himself in the ass. Keeping the anal pressure on high keeps our guy super horny and results in a load of hot man goo that he thinks is finger licking good and he just knows you want some for yourself.

Hot Black Gangsta Deep in Ebony Ass

Duration: 12m, 45s, Starring Bobby Blake, Flex-Deon Blake, Monroe

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Bobby Blake and Kotchiece are two of the hottest black gangstas that you are ever going to see. They don't even bother stripping - they are so badass that they are going to walk out wearing nothing but their cocks. Their asses are two of the tightest that I have ever seen, and their dicks are also some of the most delicious and big that I've seen in black gay porn. Bobby gets his dick sucked first, but before long they go for broke and end up fucking those yummy black asses in the best gay black on black porn ever.

Two Studs Get Busy In Hot Miami

Duration: 12m, 31s, Starring Bobby Blake, Kotchiece

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Bobby Blake was licking Flex-Deon Blake's nuts and sucking his cock while Flex was reaching around stroking Bobby. The two took turns sucking other in a 69 before the super strong Flex laid Bobby out and dropped the meat hammer on him. He fucked his ass with a vengeance, drilling deep with long, fast and steady strokes. He turned that ass out like he owned it. Bobby's ass is so good Flex knew he wouldn't last long. As he was ready to cum he laid back and let Bobby suck him and make him cum with his mouth. Bobby swallowed every last drop.

Big Dick Black Dude Getting Gay Sex

Duration: 11m, 46s, Starring Bobby Blake, Michael Lamap

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Bobby Blake has found a new friend, who is all over his big black dick. This friend of his is another brotha, although a lot lighter skinned than the perfect chocolate brown of Bobby. He gets his dick polished for quite some time - this guy can really work that cock all the way down his throat, and he doesn't waste time on small talk before he is just shoving that dick all the way down his throat. Things just keep on heating up when he starts shoving his fingers in Bobby's ass, and they end up cumming and moaning together.

Hunky Black Gays Getting It On

Duration: 12m, 24s, Starring Bobby Blake

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I don't know about you, but watching Bobby Blake in action is one of those things that makes me want to cum in my pants right away - he is just so hunky and delicious that he's hard to resist. He starts off by stroking his dick up and down nice and slow, watching a porno. He has one of the most wild dick piercings that I've ever seen - it's super big and that had to have hurt like a bitch. He keeps on masturbating to another gay black porno, and he loves watching those hunky black guys going at it until he finishes.

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