Hot Black Thugs FUcking Each Other

Duration: 21m, 49s, Starring Dante Franklin, Kochiece

(201 Votes)

When you have two well muscled black men together, you know that sparks are going to fly and the dicks are going to raise high. Dante Franklin and Kochiece take center stage in this one, and you'll be glad that they did. Both of them have the massive cocks that you are expecting, but what I was surprised by was the tenderness between the two of them. They are very passionate with each other, especially when they get to the cock sucking parts of thing. I really love watching them take each other in the mouth and slurping away.

Sexy Black Gay Guys Mutual Masturbation

Duration: 24m, 37s, Starring Devin Majors, Erotic

(260 Votes)

Devin Majors is the type of guy that does like to masturbate - almost constantly. Sometimes he can use a hand in the bedroom, though, and that's when his sexy black buddy Erotic comes to help out. The two of them just love to jerk off with each other, admiring each other's big chocolate dicks, and generally just messing around naked. They don't ever fuck each other, but they do appreciate the company and you'll find them in each other's company quite a bit - that's just the way they roll, and it works for them.

Tight Twinks Fucking on the Couch

Duration: 24m, 16s, Starring Redd

(66 Votes)

Redd and his friend are two sexy gay twinks that love to have their special time together - and for them, special time means that they are going to do it doggy style on the couch. There is a hell of a lot of build up to that though - they just love sucking on each other's cocks, and once they get started they just can't stop. Finally Redd pushes over his friend, shoving him over the arm rest. Once he's in position, that dick slides in and starts pounding away like it has a mind of its own - and maybe it does.

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